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warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Aug 15, 2016    Urgent: Change in access method to GES DISC servers

Attention GES DISC LANCE users:

Effective October 3 2016, GES DISC will no longer offer FTP access to its servers. Data downloads will need to use the HTTP protocol. Any scripts or applications currently in use that rely on FTP access will need to be modified to use HTTP protocol. Some suggestions for using wget with HTTP appear on this web page:

Note also that GES DISC recently implemented its interface with the Earthdata Login that requires users to register with Earthdata in order to access data products in the GES DISC archive servers. Existing LANCE userids and passwords will work as Earthdata Login credentials, but there is one step that must be completed before accessing data from GES DISC, and that is to grant profile access to the NASA GESDISC DATA ARCHIVE application. Detailed instructions for doing that appear on this web page:

Questions relating to this email should be addressed to the GES DISC Help Desk:

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