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There are currently two individual base layers provided by this Web Map Service (WMS) for TRMM data.

Layer Name Description
3B42_V6_daily 3B42 Version 6 daily
3B42_V6_10-day 3B42 Version 6 10-day (dekad)


Service Requests


To get information about this WMS and the available map layers, invoke "GetCapabilities." WMS responds to the "GetCapabilities" request with an XML file to save or to display in a browser window. The form of the URL-encoded request is as follows:

The returned XML file contains all the layers that can be selected for creating maps. The unique layer names and their descriptions, as well as projection options, are also provided. For more details about the "GetCapabilities" request, consult the following specification:


OpenGIS® Web Map Server Interfaces Implementation Specification, Version 1.1.1.


The "GetMap" request is used to produce a map with base layers. The following parameters are required to form the URL request:  VERSION, REQUEST, SRS, BBOX, WIDTH, HEIGHT, LAYERS, TIME, STYLES and FORMAT. For more details on these parameters and others, please consult the following on-line document:

OpenGIS® Web Map Server Interfaces Implementation Specification, Version 1.1.1.

The following URL-encoded string is an example of a functional GetMap request:

  • "version" is 1.1.1
  • "request" is GetMap
  • "bbox" are -180,-90,180,90
  • "width" and "height" parameters specify a rectangle of pixels 1500 by 800 in dimension
  • "layers" are bluemarble and TRMM_3B42_V6_DAILY
  • "time" is 2006-09-11
  • "format" of the map image returned is PNG


Please note that each parameter is separated by an &, and values are assigned using the = sign.



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