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10-Day MODIS Land Surface Reflectance Product

A key data requirement of the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) for integrating NASA earth science data into its decision support system is consistency with the 10-day product time boundaries of existing FAS products.  This is because the incorporation of a new data stream into an operational environment needs to be transparent, with minimal disturbance to ongoing operations.

The 10-Day MODIS Land Surface Reflectance product was created using the v4.0.11 code of  MODIS Level 3 8-day Land Surface Reflectance (MOD_PR09A1), written by Eric Vermote and Jim Ray of the MODIS Land Science Team. Minor modifications were introduced into the construction of the PCF file, in order for the code to accept 10/11 MODIS tiles for reading. There was no change in the order of compositing of the pixels across days and orbits, i.e., compositing within orbits according to the orbital coverage of the pixel and the priority of the pixel (the pixel's score), and then compositing across orbits according to the channel 3 reflectance.

Input Data
10 days' worth of 250 m, 500 m, and 1 km compact L2G data were processed:


MOD09A1 500 m Land surface reflectance (View sample products)
MOD09Q1 250 m Land surface reflectance
MOD09A1C 5 km Land surface reflectance


Output File Size
MOD_PR09A1 -- 161 MB (500 m bands 1-7, QA, angles, and state QA)
MOD_PR09Q1 -- 138 MB (250 m bands 1-2, QA)
MOD_PR09A1C -- 0.93 MB (5 km bands 1-7, QA)


Comparison between the standard 8 Day MOD09Q1 and the new 10 day MOD09Q1
MOD09Q1 8 day
MOD09Q1 10 day
6 inputs
6 inputs (51 GB)
250m, 500m, 5km
250m, 500m, 5km
Time aggregation
8 days
10-11 days
Quality control 
Internal QA
Internal QA
Processing time
~4 hr., SGI Origin 2000


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