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The Agricultural Information System (AIS)

The Agricultural Information System (AIS) is based on the existing Agriculture Online Visualization and Analysis System (AOVAS). The AIS provides environmental data and information to support agricultural activities, specifically, operational access to NASA and other data products (e.g., rainfall, crop model outputs) and services. See a schematic diagram of the AIS.

The AIS enables the remote, interoperable access to distributed data, by taking advantage of the GrADS-Data Server (GDS), a stable, secure data server that provides subsetting and analysis services across the Internet, for any GrADS-readable data set. The subsetting capability allows users to retrieve a specified spatial region from a large data set, eliminating the need to first download everything. The analysis capability allows users to retrieve the results of an operation applied to one or more data sets on the server.

The following data sets are currently available from the AIS:

  • Three-hourly Near-Real-Time Satellite Rainfall (January 2002-present)
  • Daily Satellite Rainfall (January 1998-present)
  • Monthly Satellite Rainfall (January 1998-present)
  • Historical Monthly Ground Observed Rainfall (January 1950-December 1999)
  • Monthly Ground Observed Rainfall (January 1986-present)

Products and services currently developed include the following:


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