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AeroStat Release Notes

AeroStat Release Notes

Current Release Version  1.2

Version 1.2

What's New?
  • Supports bias adjustment using Neural Networks on Satellite Only data (MODIS Dark Target and Deep Blue 550 nm)
  • Supports Plot Option for Map Service (Lat-Lon Map and Merged Lat-Lon Map)
  • Adds Caption for Map Service (Lat-Lon Map and Merged Lat-Lon Map)
  • Provides Read_Me_First page: A guide to essential documentation about the aerosol datasets offered in Aerostat
  • Provides QA filters (QA flags and nval) information in the downloaded files


Known Problems
  •  When selecting both original and bias adjusted variables, can ONLY show bias adjusted result

  • The display of past plots from gSocial ("gSocial news reel") while a service is being executed lingers on once the service is complete and plots are displayed. The news reel can be manually closed and this problem shows up intermittently.

  • When cycling through selections of service->location->variable, the calendar do not correspond to the correct avaialbe month from selected variables. The problem seems to cause calendar to remember the valid dates from previous selections.


What's to come
  • Neural Network bias adjustment on MISR AOD 558 nm

  • Supports downloadable visualization results as PDF form


Version 1.1

Data Available

In AeroStat Satellite Colocated with AERONET data set, we use MAPSS database, in which the original aerosol measurements (ground measurement AERONET L2, satellites: MODIS Terra and Aqua, MISR, OMI and CALIOP) have been aggregated within a temporal and spatial domain around each ground station.  In AeroStat, we only subsample aerosol products level 2 from AERONET, MODIS Terra, MISR, and MODIS Aqua.  Specifically, we have AERONET_AOD_L2 v2 (440 nm, 670 nm, 870 nm, 1020 nm, and interpolated 550 nm, interpolated 558 nm), MODIS MOD04_L2 v5.1, MODIS MYD04_L2 v5.1, and MISR MIL2ASAE_L2 v22


In AeroStat Satellite Only data set, we use original MODIS Terra, MODIS Aqua and MISR Level 2 AOD products and process "near neighbor search" algorithm according to user's selection in time and spatial period, then process a simple gridding (0.5 x 0.5 degrees resolution) to netCDF CF-1 files/plots.

  • Supports both Time Series (filters and bias adjustment options),  Scatter Plot (filters and bias adjustment options), Lat-Lon Map (daily gridded map with QA filters option, merged daily gridded map with QA filters option) as current services.

  • Support for daily spatially subsetted L2 variables (up-to 100 degrees in gridding box,  and  ten days),  and generation of daily gridded data (0.5x 0.5 degree resolution)

  • Support for merging spatially subsetted L2 variables (up-to 100 degrees in gridding box, eight variables, and  ten days),  and generation of daily data (0.5x0.5 degree resolution)

  • Supports bias adjustment using Neural Networks for MAPSS station data on MODIS Dark Target and Deep Blue AOD (Satellite colocated with AERONET) only.

  • Supports for documentations for all variables/services from AeroStat Giovanni (except QA filters and bias adjustment)

  • Supports AERONET station selection using a map as well as a list.

  • User agreement for using AERONET data before downloading.
  • Plot Option for Time Series and Scatter Plot. User can specify axes range and redraw the plot and recompute the statistics
  • Results page has Plots, Downloads, and Lineage (additional data information) subpages.
  • Results can be shared/saved by clicking "Save/Share" button in the Results page (GSocial networks).
Known Problems

  • Currently AeroStat Giovanni can not work in Safari and Internet Explorer (Windows and Mac)

  • Station Selection is Case Sensitive.

  • Loading from bookmarked URL (GSocial or copying from browser address field), annual repeating date is not loaded in the user interface.

  • Selecting the same variable twice (one is with non-bias-adjusted variable as the reference, another is with bias adjustment) in the Time Series and Scatter Plot services, final plot will contain only bias-adjusted variable.

  • Map plots do not include data filters information.

  • Data filters information is not provided in the output file for all the services.

 What's to Come
  • Bias adjustment using Neural Networks on MISR AOD from MAPSS data



Update: Mar. 12, 2012

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