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Aerosol Optical Thickness Measurement and Model Comparison: Daily and Monthly

Aerosol Optical Thickness from Terra and Aqua MODIS, Aura Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), and GOCART model; Surface PM2.5/Particulate Matter Concentration (daily only)

Terra and Aqua MODIS

Terra and Aqua MODISDaily and Monthly Giovanni instance provides Aerosol, Cloud, Water Vapor and other atmospheric data from the MOD08 and MYD08 products

Aura OMI

Aura OMI Level 3:  Daily Global Ozone, Aerosol and Cloud; 

Aura OMI Level 2G:  Ozone, Aerosol, SO2 and NO2 at pixel resolution, with on-line option of data filtering


 Earth Probe and Nimbus-7 TOMS: Ozone, Reflectivity, and Erythemal Index data


HALOE Giovanni provides capabillity of exploring Aerosol Vertical Profile obtained from HALOE flown on UARS Satellite.

Aeronet Data Synergy Tool

The Aeronet Data Synergy Tool provides capability of correlative studies using Aerosol data from ground based Aeronet stations and satellite measurements.

A Multi-sensor Aerosol Products Sampling System (MAPSS)

The MAPSS is an online environment for time series from a variety of sensors and instruments, including ground-based, airborne, and spaceborne, obtained at different locations and time around the globe. The tool description can be found from left menu "Services".

MAPSS Explorer

The MAPSS_Explorer is an interactive exploration of statistical results from MAPSS in a Web interface.  The tool description can be found from left menu "Services".

Aerosol Online Statistical intercomparison Tool (AeroStat)

The AeroStat is an online environment for the direct statistical intercomparison of global aerosol parameters, in which the provenance and data quality can be easily accessed. The tool description can be found from left menu "Services".

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