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Release Date

September 30,2008

Functional Changes

  1. Stationmaster Refactored - The Stationmaster script,, was modified to use "strict" and the Safe module, both for safety's sake. There should be no change to functionality or performance, but this required significant refactoring, so test with your instance thoroughly. Note that should be considered deprecated and subject for removal in some future release.

  2. Object-Oriented Station - In an attempt to move into the 21st century, an object-oriented replacement for stationmaster is being introduced. It consists of a S4P::Station class, a S4P::Job class, and a smaller main program, The old is deprecated, but can be run in "Classic" mode, i.e., by specifying "-C" on the command line of either or In addition, has been added to start up, with s4pstart.ksh (classic Stationmaster) deprecated. N.B.: is backward compatible with existing station.cfg files EXCEPT for its treatment of station-specific sort functions. With the new code structure, station-specific sort functions MUST be prototyped.

  3. Station Remote Polling Directory - The new Station class supports a $cfg_poll_dir setting in the configuration file, which allows it to poll an alternate directory for incoming work orders. Detected work orders are then moved into the station directory for processing.

  4. Bug 7198 Fixed: Need Method to Clean Up Acquire Data Metcache - Modified s4pm_stringmaker_derived.cfg to add a repeat_daily workorder to clean the acquire_data metcache.

  5. Bug 7260 Fixed: Default Tkstat Behavior - A modification was made so that if no stations are passed to the script on the command line, it will look for the station.list file and use that instead.

  6. Bug 7275 Fixed: -R Option of Does Not Work - A fix was made so that exits with the exit code of the child process.

  7. Bug 7709 Fixed: Malfunctions When Files Fail to Transfer - fixed so it doesn't try to validate cksums for files that failed in transfer.

  8. Configurable Resolution on job_id - Added $job_id_round configuration variable for to enable seconds resolution of job_id (default rounds to minutes). Suggestion from LP-DAAC.

  9. Bug 8029 Fixed (partially): Valid Work Orders in HOLD Directory - The script will now change station buttons to blue (pending color) if it detects work orders in a subdirectory named HOLD (S4PM convention) or .hold (S4PA convention).

  10. Bug 8035 Fixed: Enhanced GUI Support in TkStat - Changed buttons to dynamically created option menu.

Detailed File Changes

  • Includes methods for spatial search; switched to using locally developed spatial search instead of ECHO.

  • Changed interfaces, failure handlers and manual overrides to dynamically created pseudo-option menus
  • Added classic mode startup of stations

  • Fix for Bug 7275. With the -R option, the script will exit with the exit code of the child process.

  • Modified so that it calls rather than the deprecated s4pstart.ksh file.

  • New BASH script and replacement for the deprecated s4pstart.ksh script. The new script starts up instead of

  • New script. Refactored version of the now deprecated

  • Modified the search_echo() to accept an optional data center ID.

  • New script for making S4PM kits. This functionality has been moved out of

  • Added $job_id_round configuration variable in register_data configuration file, allowing seconds resolution ($job_id_round = 1).

  • Removed some nascent kit making code and put it instead into the separate script.
  • Added code to check if $use_classic_stationmaster has been set or not and if set, it adds -C to the command line in the s4pm_start.ksh file that it builds.


  • Modified code in Receive DN station so that unless a string is getting data from ECS, the symbolic links to the ECS acquire script and the ACQParmfile file aren't established.
  • Added code in repeat_daily station section to delete old files in acquire_data metcache directory.
  • Added code to check if $use_classic_stationmaster has been set or not and if set, it puts a call to rather than s4pstart.ksh in the tkstat.cfg file that it builds.


  • Added new $use_classic_stationmaster parameter and its description.

  • Modified code so it would only validate cksums if the there were no errors in the acquisition of the fileGroups in the PDR.

  • Modification for Bug 7260. was modified to look for a station.list file if no argument is specified, or a station.cfg file otherwise. It will also examine directories for a station.cfg file, excluding them from the display if not, thus eliminating some of the annoying start-up messages.
  • Added "Classic" mode, invoked with -C command line option, to start up instead of





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