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Release Date

August 7, 2007

Functional Changes

  1. Bug 3765 Fixed: Suspended Job Enhancements - Suspended jobs are shown in MidnightBlue, with Pending jobs moved to RoyalBlue to enhance contrast. A new script,, has been added to suspend and resume all jobs.

  2. Bug 3944 Fixed: Stringmaker Verifies Proper Group in Multi-User Mode - When multi-user mode is invoked, Stringmaker will now verify that you are running it under that group's ID.

  3. Bug 3952 Fixed: PATH Incorrectly Set In Multi-User Mode - Modified so that the current user's PATH value is included, but at the end.

  4. Bug 3966 Fixed: Error in Station Configuration Files for umask - Fixed setting of umask in station configuration files when in multi-user mode.

  5. Bug 3987 Fixed: Spelling Error in Warning Message From Run Algorithm - Spelling error in warning message was fixed.

  6. Bug 4007 Fixed: Kill All Doesn't Kill All in Multi-User Mode - A bug caused some stations to not shutdown when Kill All button was clicked in the multi-user mode configuration. This has been fixed.

  7. Bug 4199 Fixed: Allow for Single Auto Acquire Station - A new parameter, $single_auto_acquire, can be used to have only a single Auto Acquire station generated rather than one for each S4PA or S4PA-like archive.

  8. Add login to S4P::logger Messages - Needed for multi-user S4P instances, this prints the username of the user in any call to S4P::logger. N.B.: Any other code calling S4P::redirect_logger() must be changed to allow for this extra argument! (S4P::S4PTk::redirect_logger has already been changed.)


Detailed File Changes

  • Modified suspend_job_child() and resume_job_child() to use a file called SUSPEND as a signal as to status to avoid reading job.status file in tkstat.
  • Modified logger() to include username after process id in log output.
  • Replaced get_descendants() and get_child_pid() with pidtree() and modified signal_job_child to kill all jobs in the process tree, starting from the top down.

  • Modified redirect_logger() to account for change in interface to S4P::logger().

  • Added support for suspended jobs.

  • New script to suspend all or resume all jobs in stations registered in station.list.

  • Fix for Bug 3987 in production_summary() where there was a spelling error in a warning message.


  • Fix for Bug 3966. Changed $cfg_mask to $cfg_umask as it should be.
  • Fix for Bug 3952. Changed so that the directories for the binaries are prepended to the existing user's PATH rather than completely replacing it.
  • Fix for Bug 3944. Modified s4pm_stringmaker_derived.cfg to fail unless the group ID under which Stringmaker is being run is the group set in the $multiuser_mode parameter where this parameter is set.
  • Fix for Bug 4007. Modified call to so that it includes the -g option if $multiuser_mode is set.
  • Fix for Bug 4199. Added code to detect the setting of $single_auto_acquire and if set, it only creates a single Auto Acquire station rather than one for each FTP host.


  • For Bug 4199, added description of the new $single_auto_acquire parameter.

  • Added support for showing suspended jobs in a different color. Moved default color of pending jobs to RoyalBlue so MidnightBlue could be used for suspended jobs. Note that these can be overridden in .Xdefaults.
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