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Release Date

April 24, 2007

Functional Changes

  1. Additional Enhancements for Multi-User Mode Support - Additional work was done to enable S4PM to work with individual user accounts.

  2. Bug 1115 Fixed: Auto Acquire/Auto Request Double-Taps - modified so what you set is what you get.

  3. Bug 1398 Fixed: Can't Override Time For ARCHIVE Clean Up - A fix was made so that the times for clean up of old archived files, browse files, etc. could be overridden.

  4. Bug 1214 Fixed: Incomplete Clean Up in Data Handles Configuration - A fix was made to ensure that UPDATES from Run Algorithm were processed correctly.

  5. Enhanced Mechanism For Stopping Stations - The "Stop" and "Stop Now" functionalities (available via the S4PM Monitor when you right-click on a station) have been merged into a single "Stop" function that provides the responsiveness of the previous "Stop Now" and the safety of the previous "Stop".

Detailed File Changes


  • As part of Bug 1003, modified script to support the -u <umask> option and, if set, pass the value of that option onto It later turned out that this change wasn't needed for Bug 1003, but the change has been left in.

  • Modified free_disk() so that when it successfully deallocates space, the message it writes out includes the name of the pool.

  • Fixed "double-tap" bug causing roughly double the rate set by the program to be requested. Now, what you set is what you get.

  • Modified subroutine sleep_and_wake() to call S4P::stop_station() rather than dropping in a STOP work order.

  • For Bug 958, changed the number of bytes allocated for a symbolic link from 2048 to 1. This should address at least part of the problem.


  • As part of Bug 1003, modified the making of the tkstat.cfg file so that if $multiuser_mode is set, that configuration file invokes s4pstart.ksh with a umask of 002. The s4pstart.ksh script, in turn, will pass that umask setting onto
  • Also for Bug 1003, if $multiuser_mode is set, the $cfg_umask parameter is set in each station.cfg file in place of $cfg_user.
  • For Bug 1398, changed = to ||= in Repeat Daily/Repeat Hourly stations so that times for clean up could be overridden in Stringmaker string configuration file.
  • For Bug 1214, modified Track Data station to include the -H option if $use_datahandles is set.
  • Modified to set $cfg_stop_interval to four seconds in all stations unless the parameter $use_station_kill is set.
  • To support multi-user mode, set the $cfg_group in all station.cfg files to the value of the $multiuser_mode parameter (set in the Stringmaker string-specific configuration file presumably).


  • Added new parameter $use_station_kill and explanation on its use.
  • Modified description of the $multiuser_mode parameter so that what you set it to is the group account of those granted permission to run S4PM under their own accounts.

  • Made a fix in wipe_handle(). The script was failing when .ur files couldn't be opened since they weren't found. This was happening specifically for SWEEP.QC_BLOCK work orders which are only generated when data produced doesn't pass some QC test. But in these cases, no .ur file is generated. Thus, the failures. An exception was added to the code to check for QC_BLOCK work orders and if the case, skip trying to retrieve the UR.

  • Track Data has been modified to take a -H argument when handles are in effect, which causes it to keep a reverse lookup table called handle.db.

  • Added $cfg_stop_interval to check for DO.STOP.NOW.wo work orders, in order to obviate the need for the kill -9 approach to stopping stationmasters before the next polling interval.


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