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Release Date

March 27, 2007

Functional Changes

  1. Bug 751 Fixed: Problem in Acquire Data Station - Modified s4pm_stringmaker_derived.cfg to always include the -a option in the Acquire Data station.

  2. Bug 775 Fixed: Receive DN Station Unable to Parse DNs From S4PA - A bug that caused the GRANULE attribute in DNs to not parse correctly for DNs from S4PA has been fixed.

  3. Bug 1003 Enhancements: Support for Multi-User Mode - Though not fully functional and definitely not recommended for even testing, some ground work was made to eventually support multi-user mode support in S4PM. This will allow users to run S4PM under their own individual accounts.

  4. Bug 1105 Fixed: Broken stats Link In Run Algorithm Station - Several fixes were made. One was to address a broken link to the stats directory in the Run Algorithm station. Another involved getting rid of some old functionality which was now defunct.

  5. Bug 1214: Data Not Being Cleaned Out When Using Data Handles - A bug that caused data not to be properly cleaned out when using the experimental data handles feature has been fixed.

  6. Bug When Sending Work Orders Downstream - A fix was made so that complex work order suffixes are handled properly when sending downstream.

Detailed File Changes

  • Small documentation change. The subroutine get_metadata_from_handle() was incorrectly listed in the prolog as get_metfile_from_handle(). This was fixed.

  • For Bug 755, made a change in the parsing of the GRANULE field so that it doesn't assume that this field contains an ECS-style UR. For data from S4PA, in general, the GRANULE field is populated, but not with a UR.

  • Dropped from baseline. This script was only used internally and is no longer used at all.

  • Some changes for Bug 1003 to support multi-user mode. Added support so that if $multiuser_mode is set, all directories created by Stringmaker have setgid set. To support this, two subroutines were added: make_dir() and change_mode(), essentially wrapper routines for mkdir and chmod, respectively.


  • For Bug 751, Afixed the -a option to in s4pm_stringmaker_derived.cfg.
  • For Bug 1105, got rid of anything to do with Show PGE functionality which is now defunct. Also, in Run Algorithm, got rid of a link to dataSizes_Modis.cfg file which (1) is MODIS specific, and (2) is not used any more. Also, uncommented a line that prevented the stats directory from being created. This had caused the symbolic link in Run Algorithm to point to a non-existing directory.


  • Got rid of a reference to which was removed from the baseline several releases ago.
  • For Bug 1105, got rid of reference to script.


  • For Bug 1003, added a new parameter $multiuser_mode which enables or disables multi-user mode in S4PM. The default (for now) will be disabled.

  • For Bug 1214, made change in subroutine get_metadata_shortname(). The handle was being passed directly to S4P::MetFile::get_from_met(), but it doesn't understand handles. The fix was to first get the met via S4PM::Handles::get_metadata_from_handle() and then pass that to the S4P module.
  • This is in the S4P package. Changed logic for sending logs downstream. It should now properly handle complex output work order suffixes that include the .log suffix, such as {PAN,PDR,pcf,wo}



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