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Release Date

April 21, 2004

Functional Changes

  1. New Directory Name for Granule Find Station - The directory name of the granfind station has changed to find_data. The name as it appears in the GUI is still 'Granule Find', but this will change in the very near future to: Find Data.

  2. Full Support for On-Demand Processing - There should now be full support for on-demand processing and the old ODS should be allowed to retire (the date of the cut-over is TBD).

  3. Support for Inserts To Datapool - There is support for insert of non ECS data into the datapool.

Detailed File Changes

  • Modified to make use of S4PM::parse_url_file().
  • Modified to delete XML files associated with data if they exist.

  • Modified to convert XML (.xml) files to ODL (.met) files.

  • Added ftp_get() method.

  • Modified to recognize XML files (.xml) as metadata files.

  • Added xml2odl() subroutine to convert XML formatted metadata files into ODL formatted metadata files.

  • New module under S4PM to support XML metadata handling.

  • Added a command line switch (-a) to skip pattern matching when examining stub files for duplicate input granules (same data type and data time). With this switch invoked, all fields in the stub file are used when checking to see if a stub file exists. This capability is for use in on-demand processing.

  • Modified to recognize XML files as metadata files.

  • Added subroutine criteria_hash() to output a full hash of the specialized criteria from the PSPEC file. Used to support

  • Made fix to get_datatype_if_proxy().
  • Added parse_url_file() to retrieve the data type, version and dbID from the contents of a .ur file.


  • Completely refactored moving in some components which are not common across all S4PM strings.
  • Modified to place the Split Services station under the home directory (like Request Data and Receive DN).
  • Added support for Datapool Insert station and related changes in Receive PAN and Export stations (if so configured).

  • Replaces the previous


  • Reconfigured to support g0dug03 as a S4PM platform.

  • New script that handles the insertion of non ECS data into the datapool.


  • Completely refactored so that the only items it contains are those common to all S4PM strings.
  • Modified so that the Split Services station is placed under the home directory and then linked to where the other stations were (a la Request Data, Receive DN).


  • Added @datapool_insert_pges array and $datapool_staging_dir and examples to support inserts to datapool.

  • Modified where it looks for the Specify Data configuration files, now that they're link in the split_services directory rather than having to point to the trigger_pge directory.

  • Minor change where it looks for find_data.log files rather than granfind.log files.

  • Modified to handle the new form of PSPEC files which include the input files as well as the specialized criteria.


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