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S4PM 5.10.0 Release Notes

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Release Date

April 4, 2006 (internal release only)

Functional Changes


  1. Permission Fix For Data Mining Strings - When a new S4PM string was created on behalf of a Data Mining Edition user, the Request Data directory and a logs directory did not have the correct permissions. This required someone to manually change the permissions. The bug causing this has been fixed and the permissions are now set automatically to the correct values.

  2. Run Algorithm Browse Handling Fix - A fix was made to the script that manifests itself when an algorithm that is supposed to produce one or more browse files produces none.

  3. Changes to Subscription Requests in DME - Modifications were made in DME subscription requests sent to User Services to aid them in setting up the proper subscriptions.

  4. Stringmaker Fix For Calling - A fix was made in s4pm_stringmaker_derived.cfg so that if the $scli_host parameter is defined, the script is called with the extra -h <scli_host> option.

  5. - A handy new script to make PDRs for testing, workarounds, etc.

  6. - A useful script to fetch the files in a PDR via FTP for remote machines. While this is primarily designed for handling S4PA data and similar data repositories, it is also useful for testing, workarounds, etc.

  7. Bug Affecting AIRS Data in DME Fixed - A bug that affected Data Mining Edition strings that used AIRS data types as input was fixed. The problem was fixed in the script which had a very AIRS-specific shortcut in it that caused the problem. This shortcut has been removed.

  8. Compose Data Request Tool Enhancements for Datapool and S4PA - Enhancements were made to query S4PA-like or Datapool-like file systems, instead of the ECS database. This behavior is triggered via the presence of a %cfg_location variable in the configuration file. At this point, this is at proof-of-concept maturity. The next release will have the operational capability.

Detailed File Changes

  • Added symlinks method to create symlinks in a local directory

  • Modified formatting of error message on download failure to remove parentheses and embedded return.

  • Added copy method to make a true copy of the PDR object.

  • Added ftp_get method to loop through all FileGroups and fetch them from an FTP site.

  • New script for making PDRs, with syntax: [-e exp_days] [-o orig_system] datafile datafile ....

  • New script for fetching files in a PDR, with syntax: [-d datadir] [-o pdr_outdir] PDR_file. If the PDR refers to local data, it creates symlinks. If it is a remote machine, it uses FTP to fetch the data. If local, it creates symlinks. A new PDR can be written referring to the local copy.

  • Added optional override_pattern argument for filename_pattern to make_patterned_filename in order to support pattern matching for "foreign" directory structures

  • Made ESDT, version, year optional for override patterns.

  • Added the ability to query an S4PA-like or DataPool-like file system, locally or remotely (via anonymous FTP). See also

  • Removed stuff having to do with Stringmaster (since Stringmaster was removed from an earlier baseline).

  • Information in the request has been modified to help User Services with setting up the subscription. Specifically, that the subscription was for notification only was added. Also, the USERSTRING parameter was added.

  • Enhanced the prolog comments.

  • Made a fix in the return handling of the export_browse() function so that it worked properly if no browse files were produced.

  • Fixed a couple of lines that set the permissions on the request_data station directory and the logs directory for Data Mining strings. Those lines had referenced $gear, but this parameter had been changed to $instance. Thus, the lines were invalid. They have now been fixed.


  • Made a fix so that if $scli_host is defined, the script is called with the extra -h <scli_host> option.

  • Got rid of some AIRS specific code that forced all data types with names that begin with 'AIR' to be renamed 'AIRS'. This was a shortcut that saved on listing all AIRS data types in the Subscription Notify station.cfg file, but it interfered with non-AIRS S4PM strings that happened to use AIRS data types as input.

  • Modified to query remote file systems using FTP or local filesystems in place of the ECS database. (N.B.: this functionality is at proof-of-concept stage: not ready for prime time.)

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