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Release Date

October 8, 2003

Functional Changes

  1. 1. Add new task has been added to called Clean Other Logs. This task will take the current cbr.log and granfind.log files, compress them using gzip, and rename them using a data/time stamp. New empty cbr.log and granfind.log files are then created with 'touch'.This new task should be run periodically when the cbr.log and granfind.log get large; the gzip is very efficient. After being run, the gzipped files can remain in place.This new task is also included in the Full Clean Out task.

Detailed File Changes


  • Updated with notes and examples on how to handle spatial subsetting PGEs.

  • Added new task to clean out granfind.log and cbr.log files after backing up and running gzip on the old files.

  • Fix to the assign_avn_lun() subroutine which does post-processing of the PCF to handle AIRS PGEs that use AVN input data.
  • Modified to handle PGEs that produce spatial subsets.


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