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Release Date

August 25, 2003

Functional Changes

  1. New Password Mechanism for Critical Tasks - Tasks which before required a password only will now require both a user name and password for the user's UNIX account on that machine. If a user is authorized for that particular task and if the password for that user is correct, the task will be performed, otherwise, it will not. The tasks which make use of this new feature are:

    1. IGNORE_OPTIONAL - In Gran Find
    2. IGNORE_REQUIRED - In Gran Find
    3. EXPIRE_CURRENT_TIMER - In Gran Find
    4. DPREP_BOOTSTRAP - In Gran Find (for DPREP only)
    5. KILLALL - Associated with 'Kill All' button in TkStat GUI

  2. New QC Continue Function - When a PGE fails due to ALL output products failing QC checks, the correct action to take is click on *QC Continue*. This will make sure that the bad data is correctly blocked from export and downstream processing as well as correctly decrementing the uses.

  3. Case-Based Reasoning Log - A new log file, cbr.log, will exist in the stations directory and the size and growth of this file should be monitored. The file is named: cbr.log (for Case-Based Reasoning) and it is updated when a manual intervention is made (e.g. when re-starting a failed job, when selecting *Ignore Optionin the Gran Find station).

Detailed File Changes

  • Made fix so that if ALL output products fail QC checking, the 'QC Continue' will still wrap things up correctly (TT GSF000000009937).

  • Fixed the reference to the Specify Data configuration files so that it looks in the specify_data_cfg subdirectory of specify_data rather than in specify_data itself.
  • Removed the entering and processing of a password via the GUI, as this is now handled via the new which a user must get through first.

  • Simple wrapper script for running the S4P::log_case() function so that case logging can be done with manual overrides that don't involve other Perl scripts.

  • New Data Catcher QA script to check whether or not the NISE data exhibit a particular form of corruption caused when it is transferred via ftp in ASCII mode versus binary mode.

  • Fix for new location of the Specify Data configuration files (it hadn't been changed when the Specify Data configuration files were moved into their own subdirectory).

  • Added authenticate_unix_user(), a small routine to check an entered userid and password against the /etc/passwd file.

  • Added submit_trouble_ticket() to help automate the submitting and, optionally, the updating of a Trouble Ticket using the ardriver DUE.


  • Small fix in the setting of $cfg_commands for the Receive PAN station.
  • Minor change where the tkstat.cfg file is being generated to support the new way in which is launched.


  • Updated to latest version in OPS.
  • Added the NISE check to the %data_catcher_qa hash so that it will be in place where NISE is used.


  • Updated the LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings for current HDF.
  • Updated the manual overrides section for granfind to make use of the script for these actions.

  • Modified to print out a bit more verbage when submitting Trouble Tickets.
  • Modified slightly to handle the new ACL files associated with
  • Modified to make use of S4PM::submit_trouble_ticket() rather than doing it itself.

  • Front-end to that allows one to stringmaster all instances on a particular box. Has options to skip some instances.

  • Added new functionality to enable the automatic submission of Trouble Tickets when changes are made via this GUI.

  • Modified substantially to take advantage of S4P::authenticate_unix_user(). The pop-up box now asks for username and password. If the user is found in the access control list file and is authorized for the task attempted, the task will be run.

  • Minor fix to the non-GUI command line mode.


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