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Release Date

June 3, 2003

Functional Changes

  1. To support the Master Change Log in OPS mode, String Master is configured in OPS to use the new -T option which causes a Trouble Ticket to be submitted every time it is run. The user running String Master will be prompted for a userid and password so that a TT can be submitted. The userid should be that of the person running String Master (i.e. Don't use 's4pmops'). The password requested will be the corresponding password for that userid's UNIX account on g0mss10.

  2. The Specify Data configuation files have moved into a subdirectory under the specify_data directory named, specify_data_cfg. The purpose was to shield them from accidental deletions.

  3. When QC is turned on in an instance, PGEs may be configured to fail in Run PGE when an output product doesn't pass QC checking (such as not being the correct size). In such a case, not all products may be bad, just one or a few. To allow the remaining good granules to get exported to the ECS archive and be used in downstream processing, click on the 'QC Continue' button in the TkJob GUI. The bad granules will be blocked from export and downstream processing while the good ones will not be blocked.

  4. If is run with the -p off option, Production History tar files will not be exported to the ECS archive. Operationally, this may be done in some S4PM instances to increase throughput. Check the station.cfg file in the Receive PAN station to view what the current setting is.

  5. Subscription notifications for short PMCO_HK or PMCOGBAD granules received in sub_notify will trip a failure (as is currently done for MODIS L0 data). The short-granule workorder can be forced through sub_notify if need be.

Detailed File Changes

  • New script to handle QC failures in the Run PGE station. If a PGE is configured to fail because of QC checking failures (via the QC.cfg file), this failure handler will allow other output granules which passed QC to be exported and used in downstream processing.

  • Added a command line option (-p on|off) to enable|disable propagation of PH PDRs upon receipt of product PANs. The default if the option is not specified is on, meaning normal production with PH inserts.

  • Fixed a bug so that when a PGE fails due to QC, it leaves the debris in such a state that it can be handled via a failure handler (see


  • Modified to make the links to the Specify Data configuration files in the specify_data_cfg subdirectory rather than in the station directory.
  • Modified the linking in the Trigger PGE station so that it correctly links the Specify Data configuration files now that they have moved.
  • Added a step so that if QC checking is turned on, a QC failure handler will be added to the Run PGE station.


  • Added a line to create the specify_data_cfg subdirectory under the specify_data directory to house the Specify Data configuration files.
  • Added a line to include a link to in the Run PGE stations.

  • Modified code so that it will look for the Specify Data configuration files in the specify_data_cfg subdirectory rather than in the station directory itself.

  • Added a command line option (-T) and a subroutine to handle the automatic submission of a Remedy Trouble Ticket after the script has finished.

  • Extended the "ragged/short" granule exception to include PMCO_HK and PMCOGBAD.


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