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Release Date

December 19, 2002

Functional Changes

  1. For MODIS, the ordering interface will now include both versions of the REYNSST product, 001 and 002.

  2. By default, REYNSST.002 will be subscribed to and REYNSST.001, if needed, will have to be ordered via the GUI.

  3. Soon to come: MoPGE03 4.1.1 and MyPGE03 4.1.1 which will be configured to use REYNSST.002 and REYNSST.001 only if REYNSST.002 is not found after 30 days.

Detailed File Changes

  • Modified the file name pattern by which files are searched to include the data version (VersionID). This was done so that multiple versions of the same ESDT could be supported (e.g REYNSST.001 and REYNSST.002).


  • Added some lines to force both REYNSST.001 and REYNSST.002 to be in the compose_request.cfg file. This only happens in the MODIS instances.


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