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Release Date

November 7, 2002

Functional Changes

  1. To accommodate the Specify Data configuration file changes, PGEs that use the AIRS leap second and instrument offset corrections will have to be repackaged and promoted into OPS.

  2. A button to run has been added to the TkStat GUI. Clicking on this button brings up the GUI to change %cfg_max_children settings and rerun String Master to enable those changes.

Detailed File Changes

  • Replaced generic Perl glob function with KGlob.

  • Brand new S4PM module contains tools for manipulating PGE blocks. Currently, blocks are used in the Local Catcher station to allow only a single NEWDATA work order to be output. This functionality is in support of the AIRS Summary Browse PGEs.

  • Modified to accommodate the Aura DPREP PGEs.

  • Added support for a new Specify Data configuration parameter: LEAPSEC_DATATYPES.

  • Modified for some of the changes to how leap second and AIRS instrument offset corrections are made (see

  • Replaced generic Perl glob function with KGlob.


  • Configuration file for the script.

  • Generalized Local Data blocking script to check whether specified start/stop time for a PGE meets the specified blocking criteria. Script allows use of various types of boundaries, offsets therefrom, and durations.

  • Replaced generic Perl glob function with KGlob.

  • Modified to accommodate the Aura DPREP PGEs.
  • Replaced generic Perl glob function with KGlob.

  • Modified the leapsec_correction() subroutine to optionally apply the AIRS instrument offset on top of the leap second correction (currently, this additional offset is set to 2 seconds).


  • Replaced generic Perl glob function with KGlob.
  • Modified how tkstat.cfg is built so that a button for is added.


  • Added documentation explaining the new LEAPSEC_DATATYPES parameter and how it can be used with APPLY_LEAPSEC_CORRECTION.

  • Modified to use the new interface to leapsec_correction() in the module, thereby removing the setting of the AIRS instrument offset here.
  • Also, modified to uncouple the application of a leap second correction to the process start/stop times to the correction in the data start/stop times. This was done by using a new Specify Data configuration file item: LEAPSEC_DATATYPES that contains a list of the data types in which the corrections are to be made. The APPLY_LEAPSEC_CORRECTION now only applies to a correction of the process start/stop times in the PCF (LUNs 10258 and 10259).

  • Replaced generic Perl glob function with KGlob.

  • Added debug messages where they were lacking.
  • Made modification to CCSDSa_DateFloor() where the interval is set to 'sec'. Basically, when set to 'sec', the function merely returns what was sent in, the reasoning being that S4PM doesn't track anything smaller than seconds in time.

  • New GUI to view and modify %cfg_max_children settings. GUI will display stations that are in s4pm_max_children,cfg on the machine where is invoked. When UPDATE button is clicked entries are checked for validity then appended to s4pm_max_childre.cfg file, then String Master is run with the append (-a) option. Stations must be restarted to effect changes.

  • Replaced all generic Perl glob functions with KGlob.
  • Dropped annoying (in the minds of some) exit message pop-up box.
  • Added task to delete all existing blocks in the Local Data, Data Catcher, and Export stations. Also added this task to the Full Cleanup task.
  • Added removal of EXPORT..log files from the Export station.


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