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Release Date

August 7, 2002

Functional Changes

  1. Punting of failed DPREP jobs should now be successful as the PDR file problem has been fixed.

  2. Runs of MyPGE01 should no longer require the previous PM1EPHND granule unless it is processing across the 12:00 noon boundary.

Detailed File Changes

  • Changed a failure to a warning for when the work order has a data type that doesn't exist in the allocdisk.cfg file. This fixes a situation where the punting of some DPREP PGEs was failing.

  • Changed password to the same one used when the orbit number needs to be set of the DPREP PGEs.

  • Made fixes to is_addable() subroutine where it affected MyPGE01 to better handle the need for ephemeris input (PM1EPHND).

  • Made fix to getNearestTimeBoundary() to better handle boundary conditions correctly. This problem was uncovered via the PM1DefAtt PGE, but there was an easy workaround. This workaround should no longer be needed.

  • Small fix in guess_file_type() which was causing PDRs for some of the DPREP PGEs to be interpreted as production history PDRs rather than science granule PDRs (FAILPGE is considered a science granule). This problem resulted in failed PANs when DPREP failures were punted.
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