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Release Date

June 12, 2002

Functional Changes

  1. 1. The QA script for Mo/MyPGE03 which had been run in the Run PGE station has been generalized and is now run in the Gran Find station. This station will optionally write out a line to the log file (nominally named granfind.log) for each run. The information in each line is similar to the information that had been in the Mo/MyPGE03_QA.log. The reason for moving this functionality into Gran Find is:

    • This information is desired for other PGEs (e.g. PGE01), so it makes sense to put the code into one location. Since the Gran Find station is the one that determines which optional inputs are available, it makes more sense to put this code there rather than in Run PGE (which has to parse long chain log files to get the information it needs).
    • This type of QA is "production" QA, not data QA (though it is related).
    • The mechanism used up to this point will be retained for future, real data QA.

  2. The performance of has been increased greatly in terms of the clean out of ARCHIVE, PH, and other DATA directories. A caveat now is that these directories are cleaned out completely and indiscriminately. Therefore, the DATA and ARCHIVE directories should not be used to "hold" or "hide" data as all will be cleaned out.

  3. The Gran Find station has added capability for setting the polling frequency:
    • The polling frequency can be set in the granfind.cfg file with the parameter $Polling_Interval,
    • The polling frequency can be set with the argument -polling /frequency_in_seconds/ in the station.cfg file,
    • If a granfind.cfg file is not found and the frequency was not set via the -polling argument, the polling frequency defaults to 30 seconds.

Detailed File Changes

  • Added the capability to specify the polling frequency via a command argument -polling). When this is used, there is no need to have a granfind.cfg file since the only parameter it contains is the polling frequency. In addition, if there is no granfind.cfg file (or any other configuration file AND the polling frequency is not passed via the -polling argument, a default of 30 seconds is used.
  • Added the capability to log information on optional input found by each run of This capability is turned on via a new command line argument (-log /logfilename/). Once line is written to this log file for each run and contains the PGE name, data time, production time, and the currencies for each of the optional inputs (or NONE).

  • Extracted sub get_box_mode_instance_gear() out of and put it in this module since it may prove generally useful.

  • Increased greatly the speed by which many directories are cleaned out (e.g. the PH and other DATA directories).
  • Fixed minor bug where seed work orders in the Repeat Hourly and Repeat Daily stations were getting cleaned out.
  • Removed sub get_box_mode_instance_gear() and instead call it from

  • Reworked to put version files into subdirectories already in use under the S4PM home directory, that is, the g0spg10, g0spg01, g0spg07, and g0spg11 subdirectories. The change above will enable the box name to appear on the ShowPGE Web page. Currently, that page only distinguishes different S4PM instances, but not the same instances on more than one box (e.g. we currently have a MODIS Terra Reprocessing instance on several boxes). This change needs to be accompanied by a change to the ShowPGE DUE in order to be fully functional.

  • This is a stand-alone script that has been around for a while; it is now being baselined. This script simply pulls rusage information out of Production History tar files in some directory and displays that information on stdout. See man page for usage.

  • This script is used when there are no available attitude and ephemeris files to kick off the DPREP PGEs. The first AM1Eph PGE without available input should be bootstrapped with this script. A GUI will appear to enter the required orbit number. The script creates a dummy DN and profile 2 PCF template to initiate the processing.
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