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Release Date

May 22, 2002

Functional Changes

  1. Request Data station - If jobs fail, check log for possible duplicate input granules. If duplicate input granules are detected, they will not be ordered and operator action will be required before a successful order can be placed for these granules (i.e., DFA one or more duplicates). If the Request Data work order contains both valid as well as duplicate input granules, the valid granules will be processed (requested) and the duplicate granules will be reported in the log file but not ordered from ECS.

  2. Specify Data station - In AIRS instances, TRIGGER_DATA work orders will now cause Specify Data to spin waiting for complete AIRS L0 sets for each PGE. Each PGE will spin for a complete set of both its previous and current granule until either a complete set of each has arrived or until a timer expires. If the latter, the job fails (keying the operator in on a data continuity issue); however, the failed job can be"forced" out of the station, by clicking on the Ignore Incomplete AIRS button. This will move the DO.IGNORE_INCOMPLETE.wo out which will then trigger a new job. The operator should then Remove Job the failed, timed-out job. Much the same as the Fix L0 Time function in Data Catcher.

Detailed File Changes

  • Fixed minor bug where a match was tried against the string "REQ" rather than against the pattern /REQ/.

  • Added code to check for duplicate input granules. If duplicate input granules are found the job will fail in the Request Data station.

  • Part of the AIRS "smart trigger" functionality, this script checks packet completeness of AIRS L0 data associated with a Specify Data work order located in the current directory. See AIRS Smart Trigger below.


  • New configuration file that supports for the AIRS"smart trigger" functionality. See AIRS Smart Trigger below.


  • Part of the AIRS "smart trigger" functionality, this script first runs and then, if successful, runs See AIRS Smart Trigger below.

AIRS Smart Trigger

  • The new AIRS "smart trigger" in Specify Data station impacts Data Catcher and Specify Data stations (only when installing/configuring an AIRS instance).
  • In Data Catcher, the FIX_TIME and BAD_QA features have been superceded by the functionality of the smart trigger, and should be disabled in the station.cfg:

(1) Modify %cfg_failure_handlers to:

%cfg_failure_handlers = (
     'Restart' => ' &&',
     'Remove Job' => ''

(2) Modify %cfg_commands to read (note the -F flag for TRIGGER_DATA):

%cfg_commands = (
'CATCH_DATA' => "../ -a ../allocdisk.cfg -q -f ../data_catcher.cfg",
'TRIGGER_DATA' => "../ -F -a ../allocdisk.cfg -q -t -f ../data_catcher.cfg",

In Specify Data, configure the AIRS smart trigger:

(1) Create/verify a soft link to the allocdisk.cfg:

ln -s ../alloc_disk/allocdisk.cfg .

(2) Create/verify links to and spec_n_check.ksh. These should be in the /tools/gdaac//<MODE>//bin/DPS directory.

(3) Create/verify the existance of the airs_L0_check.cfg file.

(4) Modify the airs_L0_check.cfg file, paying attention to the $spin_interval %timer_thresholds_curr_gran, %timer_thresholds_prev_gran variables. Also, choose the correct packet size value for AIRH0ScE in %packet_sizes, depending on whether the instance will process test data or live data.

Suggested values are:

$spin_interval = 120 ;
%timer_thresholds_curr_gran = (
    "AiL1A_AIRS" => 86400,
    "AiL1A_AMSU" => 86400,
    "AiL1A_HSB" => 86400,
%timer_thresholds_prev_gran = (
    "AiL1A_AIRS" => 86400,
    "AiL1A_AMSU" => 86400,
    "AiL1A_HSB" => 86400,

(5) Modify the Specify Data station.cfg:

(a) $cfg_max_children should be something other than the default, start with 10.

(b) Modify %cfg_commands to use check_n_spec.ksh for the L1A AIRS PGEs:

%cfg_commands = (
'NEWDATA_AiL1A_AIRS' => '../check_n_spec.ksh -pge AiL1A_AIRS',
'NEWDATA_AiL1A_HSB' => '../check_n_spec.ksh -pge AiL1A_HSB',
'NEWDATA_AiL1A_AMSU' => '../check_n_spec.ksh -pge AiL1A_AMSU',
'NEWDATA_AiL1B_AIRS' => '../ -pge AiL1B_AIRS',
'NEWDATA_AiL1B_AMSU' => '../ -pge AiL1B_AMSU',
'NEWDATA_AiL1B_HSB' => '../ -pge AiL1B_HSB',
'NEWDATA_AiL1B_VIS' => '../ -pge AiL1B_VIS',
'NEWDATA_AiBr_HSB' => '../ -pge AiBr_HSB',
'NEWDATA_AiBr_AMSU' => '../ -pge AiBr_AMSU',
'NEWDATA_AiBr_AIRS' => '../ -pge AiBr_AIRS',
'NEWDATA_AiL2' => '../ -pge AiL2',
'NEWDATA_AiBr_L2CC' => '../ -pge AiBr_L2CC',
'NEWDATA_AiBr_L2RET' => '../ -pge AiBr_L2RET',
'NEWDATA_AiL2_RaObs' => '../ -pge AiL2_RaObs',
'NEWDATA_AiVISMap1D' => '../ -pge AiVISMap1D',
'IGNORE_INCOMPLETE_AiL1A_AIRS' => '../check_n_spec.ksh -pge AiL1A_AIRS',
'IGNORE_INCOMPLETE_AiL1A_AMSU' => '../check_n_spec.ksh -pge AiL1A_AMSU',
'IGNORE_INCOMPLETE_AiL1A_HSB' => '../check_n_spec.ksh -pge AiL1A_HSB',

(c) Modify %cfg_failure_handlers

%cfg_failure_handlers = (
'Restart' => ' &&',
'Remove Job' => '',
'Ignore Incomplete AIRS' => '/bin/mv DO.IGNORE_INCOMPLETEwo ..',


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