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Release Date

May 1, 2002

Functional Changes

  1. Gran Central should continue to operate mostly as before. However, in order to view the contents of the database, tkstat's tkjob window or (from the command line) must be used, as the files is now in binary DB_File format.

  2. Also the key file of interest is now uses.db, not grancentral.csv. The and Clean Data tools should operate as before.

  3. The script has been added to the Data Catcheer and Local Catcher stations. The script requires a configuration file, uses.cfg, in the same directory as the script.

Detailed File Changes

  • Allows the ESDTs and PGEs used for calculations to be specified in a configuration file (to support AIRS and Aqua/MODIS)
  • Allows the granules / hour to be specified in a configuration file (to support AIRS)
  • Added pge_stats.cfg to Repeat Hourly station, changed rollup_stats.ksh to use the configuration file

  • Added a new task: S4PM Integrity Check which checks the S4PM file tree making sure that all necessary files and links exist and are valid. It also looks for illegal strings in configuration files (such as 'TS1' where the mode is OPS), and makes sure that links are pointing to the correct mode.
  • Modified to handle the Run PGE71 station.
  • Now includes a reset of the Gran Central DBM files if they are found along with the Gran Central CSV file.
  • In looking for unrecognized files, popup box won't appear if no such files were found.
  • Clean out of work order log files is more complete.

  • Added -M option to show the max children for each station.
  • Added code to display button in warning color if $cfg_max_children is 0 for a station.

  • A standalone script to look for gaps of more than 42 seconds in the GBAD carry-out files. This is used in Data Catcher for DPREP-Aqua., uses.db, path.db

  • The existing software and database for the Gran Central station are completely revamped. Instead of a single-file comma-separated-value grancentral.csv database using Sprite, a two DBM database are used instead: uses.db and path.db

  • Handles "phantom" browse files from PGE02 correctly (i.e., does not die). Recognizes PREPQC as a product input file. Uses a version id like I.J.K instead of i0j0k in FAILPGE met files.

  • New stand-alone interactive script to aid in setting the uses properly in the data_catcher.cfg files.
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