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Release Date

February 14, 2002

Functional Changes

  1. New configuration file man pages, all of which can be accessed via 'man 5':
    • specify_data.cfg (replaces specify_data_TEMPLATE.cfg)
    • granfind.cfg
    • receivePAN.cfg
    • allocdisk.cfg
    • allocdisk_pool.cfg
    • failedPGE_handler.cfg
    • trigger_pge.cfg
    • compose_request.cfg
    • clean_expired_data.cfg

Detailed File Changes

  • Fixed the production history file that displays files input to the PGE. It was not working in earlier releases.

  • Fix for problem whereby for PGE01, the previous attitude file was not being staged (TT #6024). This resulted in no geolocation for the last 5 minutes of each two hour L0 granule. This, in turn, caused PGE03 to fail on this time period. The problem was traced to the get_groups_by_lun() subroutine. I replaced the is_homogeneous() subroutine with uniqueness() which does a better job of evaluating what is being asked for in the production rules.

  • Modified the is_addable() and mk_work_order_body() subroutines so that for MODIS Aqua PGE01 and AIRS L1A PGEs, the previous L0, attitude, ephemeris, and carry-out files are not used unless they are actually needed. This is already handled correctly for MODIS Terra PGE01.

  • Extended range of valid years back to 1996 to allow old MOSS data (i.e. from 1998) to be ordered via the GUI.

  • Generalized the capability for checking short L0 granules by adding a hash to data_catcher.cfg (%ragged_granule_trap) and modifying the code slightly. Note that this requires a new hash be populated in the data_catcher.cfg file.
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