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What is S4PA?

The Simple, Scalable, Script-Based, Science Product Archive (S4PA) is a radically simplified data archive architecture for supporting our GES DISC users with online access to data. S4PA is already being used operationally and its deployment will beexpanded in the months and years to come.

For further information, please also see S4PA Frequently Asked Questions.

Genesis of the S4PA

Until recently, archiving at the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center(GES DISC) has been handled by robotic tape archives or silos. Tape silos are expensive to deploy and operate but have the advantage of scaling well for large data volumes. However, the viability of disk based archives has been enhanced by the recent NASA trend toward smaller data systems that service specific, focused communities rather than the general public. The smaller data volumes of these systems do not benefit so much from economies of scale. One such example is the REASoN CAN, two instances of which will rely on the GES DISC for data management. As a result, the GES DISC is undertaking the construction of a disk-based science archive based on our long experience in archiving requirements, design, and operations. The GES DISC's successful implementation of the Simple, Scalable Script-based Science Processor (S4P) points the path as a demonstration of the utility of Radical Simplification in implementing inexpensive, robust, scalable systems.

Where to Get S4PA?

S4PA is available under the NASA Open Source Agreement at S4PA-3.40.2.tar.gz .The current stable version is 3.40.2.

S4PA Deployment and Configuration


Before you install

Make sure that existing S4PA stations are stopped. Some of the interfaces may change from version to version. Shutting down stations ensures that the jobs in the queue are not processed during installation and deployment period. Start stations only after installation and deployment are completed.

S4PA Dependencies

  • Perl 5.8.x

  • S4P 5.10+

  • XML::LibXML

  • XML::LibXSLT

  • Net::SSH2

  • File::KGlob

  • MLDBM, DB_File, Storable

  • Data::Dumper

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