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Machine Request Interface (MRI)

1.1 MRI Capabilities

  • MRI allows a user to search for granules and request distribution of files via subscription for user-specified data type and time range.
  • The users can use MRI to request the data only for which they have subscriptions (active or inactive).
  • MRI requires user IP authentication.

1.2 MRI Execution

  • MRI can be executed either from the web browser or from command line using 'wget'.
  • All sample URLs listed in this documenation are for reference only. Execution might be restricted on the IP authentication. A working URL associates with the subscription will be sent to the subscriber once the subscription is set up and IP of the user is added.
  • When executed from a browser, the format of request is:
    • HH:MM:SS&endTime=YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
    • Example: 00:00:00&endTime=2006-01-02 00:00:00
    • A GUI version of MRI is also available. To launch the GUI, use the same URL without any parameters as follows:
  • When executed from command line, the format of request is:
    • wget -O - 'URL'
    • URL is has the same format as one used in the browser.

1.3 MRI Execution Results

  • After MRI is executed, user will receive either a web page in the browser or output in command line, which, in case of success, will look like:
    <result status="success">
        <message>Request, P2808T458aflec, accepted</message>
  • For GUI version, specify Username, Dataset, Version, startTime, and endTime, select 'Order' action, and then click the 'Submit' button to submit the ordering request.
  • In case of error, <message> will contain the error message.
  • If MRI execution was a success, the result of it will be the issuance of a DistributionNotice (DN) and/or data sent to the requester in exactly same way as regular distribution for that subscriber.
  • The delay between successful execution of MRI and actual DN and/or data arrival to the requester is approximately half an hour.

1.4 MRI Search

  • Simple Listing of Granule Locators

Before retrieving granules via MRI, users can get a listing of granules for a given time range. The format of the listing request is: HH:MM:SS&endTime=YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS&action=list


For GUI, select 'List Granule(s)' action, then click the 'Submit' button.

The result of execution of the above command is:


Each line is a granule locator with the format of <Dataset>.<VersionID>:<Granule Metadata Filename>. The granule locator can be used to retrieve specific granules via MRI.

  • Long Listing of Granule Information

To get the detailed information about each granule, specify the long list format as follows:

For GUI, select 'List Granule Info'' action, then click the 'Submit' button.

The result of execution of the above command is:

  <Granule LOCATOR="NLDAS_FORA0125_H.002:NLDAS_FORA0125_H.A20070920.0100.002.grb.xml">
    <RangeBeginningDateTime>2007-09-20 01:00:00</RangeBeginningDateTime>
    <RangeEndingDateTime>2007-09-20 01:00:00</RangeEndingDateTime>
    <InsertDateTime>2009-08-12 12:03:22</InsertDateTime>
  <Granule LOCATOR="NLDAS_FORA0125_H.002:NLDAS_FORA0125_H.A20070920.0000.002.grb.xml">
    <RangeBeginningDateTime>2007-09-20 00:00:00</RangeBeginningDateTime>
    <RangeEndingDateTime>2007-09-20 00:00:00</RangeEndingDateTime>
    <InsertDateTime>2009-08-12 12:13:59</InsertDateTime>

 1.5 MRI Order with Granule Locator

Users can retrieve specific granules by uploading a file with list of granule locators via 'wget --post-file' command.

To retrieve specific granules via MRI, users need to use MRI search to get a list of granule locations, copy and paste the target granule locators into a file on the local machine, make sure each granule locattor is ended with a comma (,) character, then issue a 'wget --post-file' command to place the request.

Example: (with granule locators listed in a file called 'upload.txt')

  • wget -O - --post-file=upload.txt ''

Currently, user can't mix different datasets in the same upload file and there is no GUI support for this action.

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