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Manager POC

Claas, Jacques,


Bitter, Homme,


  1. Ops server:
  2. Login account: **********

Input Data (KNMI ODPS to S4PA)

  1. Data Transfer Mechanism: SFTP PDR Polling
  2. Metadata Handling: S4PA receives ODL and converts it to S4PA XML
  3. PDR Directory: ops: /data/omi/gdaac/outgoing/ test: /data/omi/gdaac/test/outgoing/
  4. PAN Directory: ops: /data/omi/gdaac/outgoingreply test: /data/omi/gdaac/testoutgoingreply
  5. PDR Example: OMI_L2_ODPS.PDR
Dataset S4PA Server Status
OMI L2 OMO3PR aurapar2  


Output Data (S4PA to ODPS)

  1. Data Transfer Mechanism: SFTP Push
  2. Metadata Filter: XML to ODL
  3. DN Directory: Same as data directory
  4. Subscription ID: omi_odps_<DataType> (subscription.omi.ts1.xml)
Dataset S4PA Server ODPS Data Directory Validator
OMTDOPF aurapar1 /data/omi/gdaac/tdopf/reproc BEGIN DATE=[2005-12-15; 2006-02-01]
OMTDOPF aurapar1 /data/omi/gdaac/tdopf/forward PSA (TDOPFIntendedPurpose="Forward Processing")
OMCLDO2 aurapar2 /data/omi/gdaac/incoming_002  
LeapSecT acdisc /data/omi/gdaac/incoming  
UTCPoleT acdisc /data/omi/gdaac/incoming  





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