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Disposition of Collection 3

  • Current Version 4 / Collection 3 data production on SGI and archived in ECS. Note: Collection 3 data available via WHOM, Mirador, Reverb/ECHO
  • Collection 3 L1 archive from forward processing to stop approx one week after Collection 5 L1 forward processing commences
  • Collection 3 L1 data to be removed from public access when Collection 5 L1 data reprocessing complete, processing is caught up to the leading edge and is publicly released
  • Collection 3 L1 data will continue to be produced in order to generate L2/L3 products and complete a 5 year record of Collection 3 L2/L3 products
  • Collection 3 L2/3 data processing to continue on SGI through August 2007 to complete 5 year data record
  • Collection 3 L2/3 data to be migrated to AIRS S4PA, removing depencency on ECS archive and providing these data beyond December 2007
  • Collection 3 L2/3 data available from S4PA until TBD
  • Collection 3 data in S4PA accessible via FTP and Machine Request Interface (MRI); access via Mirador, Reverb, WHOM TBD

Disposition of Collection 5

  • March 2007: V5 L1 PGEs SSIT complete and installed in Ops system
  • March 2007: Ramp up L1 Version 5 / Collection 5 processing. Note: Collection 5 data products archived in S4PA onl May 2007: Final delivery of L2/3 PGEs from AIRS JPL to GES DISC
  • June-July 2007: Perform AIRS mini-MOSS Test (Coincident with Validation Processing)
  • May 2007: Upon completion of successful mini-MOSS Test V5 forward processing will commence
  • July 2007: Ramp up Collection 5 L2/3 reprocessing
  • Collection 5 data products archived in S4PA available online via FTP and Machine Request Interface (MRI) and through WHOM, Mirador and Reverb/ECHO upon offical public release of data


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