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Abstract: NASA NEESPI Data Center

2006 AGU Fall Meeting, December 11-15,San Francisco, CA


Gregory G. Leptoukh, T. Loboda, Peter Romanov, Irina V. Gerasimov, and I. Zsiszar

The Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) is an international program of coordinated research on the state and dynamics of ecosystems in Northern Eurasia and their interactions with the Earth's Climate system. The program is designed to enhance scientific knowledge of these ecosystems as well as to develop predictive capabilities to support informed decision-making and practical applications. The NASA NEESPI Data Center is a multi-sensor, online, easy access data archive and distribution system to provide advanced data management capabilities in support of the NEESPI scientific objectives. Its tools include data analysis and visualization, and other techniques for better science data usage. The NASA NEESPI Data Center portal integrates remote sensing data from MODIS, AIRS, OMI, and other instruments on board polar- orbiting satellites, along with customized data products from climatology data sets and models into a single one-stop-shopping interdisciplinary NASA-NEESPI data center. The presentation will provide status and the most recent achievements of the NASA NEESPI Data Center. In the recent months, the emphasis has been put on analyzing and then preparing steps for the online data analysis by bringing data to common grids while preserving available and statistically important information from the higher resolution inputs. The NEESPI instance of Giovanni, the popular online visualization and analysis tool, features the first batch of atmospheric, fire and snow data products, organized to provide quick and user-friendly exploration means.

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Tuesday, 12/12/06, @ 13:40 GC23A-1323 MCW Level 2

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