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Heavy Rainfall from Hurricane Jeanne Observed by TRMM and Other Satellites

NASA satellites observe and reveal unique aspects of earth events using various technical observing techniques. Below is an image of Hurricane Jeanne viewed by the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM). Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image.

September 23-27, 2004:
After days of slow and wandering movement under weak atmospheric steering flow, Hurricane Jeanne started to intensify and move toward Florida. On Saturday, September 25, 2004, Jeanne made landfall on the east coast of Florida, not far from the place where Hurricane Frances made landfall only about three weeks earlier. Jeanne was the fourth hurricane to hit Florida in the last six weeks. Several fatalities in Florida have been attributed to Jeanne, as have more than 1,000 deaths in Haiti. Figure 1 shows the track of heavy rainfall left by Hurricane Jeanne, as observed by TRMM and other satellites.


Hurricane Jeanne Accumulated Rainfall observed by TRMM from September 23, 2004 through September 27, 2004.
Figure 1.Hurricane Jeanne Accumulated Rainfall observed by

TRMM fromSeptember 23, 2004 through September 27, 2004.

View a GIF animation of Hurricane Jeanne's rainfall.

(Animation data is in 3-hour increments.)

For the latest plots and animation, please visit:

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