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Global Browse Image Gallery Notes

The images that are found in this gallery are generated on a continuous (daily) basis using the data from the GES DISC DAAC Data Pool ftp server.

Improvements to this gallery are ongoing, and new images are added daily.Comments/Questions? Please let us know:


General notes on AIRS Global Browse image generation:

  1. The AIRS Global Browse images are generated using IDL.
  2. First, separate daytime and nighttime only granules by examining the "DayNight" flag in the XML support file.
  3. Second, register data onto a 0.09° equal angle grid (or 4000x2000 pixels, roughly 10km at equator). AIRS observations are paintedoverthe grid points by taking the AIRS footprint sizes into account. Later granules are always on top and only observed values are kept in the grid.
  4. Finally, resample 0.09° grid to a coarser 0.35° equal angle grid such that the dimensions of final product are 1024x512 pixels (roughly 39km at the equator), more manageable for web viewing.
  5. The channel numbers for the AIRS RGB-visible composite are:
    • Red: 0.71-0.93 micron
    • Green: 0.58-0.68 micron
    • Blue: 0.40-0.44 micron
  6. The channel numbers for the AIRS RGB-thermal composite are:
    • Red: 11.0 micron
    • Green: 8.0 micron
    • Blue: 4.0 micron


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