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AIRS Gallery

AIRS Long Term Global Browse Images and Granule Maps Global imagery created from AIRS Level-1B short-wave and infrared radiances, created daily and global maps of granule locations.
AIRS Near-Real Time Global BrowseGlobal imagery of: RGB false-color at 3-km; CO at 0.3 deg; SO2 brightness temperature difference at 0.1 deg; Dust score at 0.1 deg. Images are available in KMZ, PNG, and GeoTIF formats, and are updated as soon as NRT data comes in (couple of hours behind the satellite overpass).
AIRS and TRMM observe dry season in African SavannaAIRS shows fires and dust, along with precipitation patterns from TRMM, as the dry season advances in the African savanna, November-December, 2010,
AIRS temperatures, and  GFS windsCold weather in Europe disrupts air travel at Christmas time,  December 2010. AIRS temperature soundings and Global Forecast System winds explain the pattern.
Russian firesAIRS observes fires around Moscow region in July-August, 2010.
Icelandic volcano, continued eruptionAIRS observes continued activity of Eyjafjallajökull in May 6-7, 2010.
Icelandic volcanoAIRS imagery from the earlier days of Eyjafjallajökull eruption, April 15, 2010.
African Dust Gigantic dust storm over the West Coast of Africa, revealed in AIRS Near-Real Time imagery.
Yangtze SedimentMixed plumes of sediments and chlorophyll off the coast of China by Shanghai, revealed in AIRS Near-Real Time imagery.
California Wildfire viewed by AIRSThe fires that sprang up over the weekend of October 20, 2007, ignited into major firestorms over the extreme drought stricken vegetated area of the Southern California ...(Read more)
AIRS Images from JPLImages of  AIRS retrievals of atmospheric constituents of major importance to radiative forcing: clouds and water vapor, CO2, ozone,  CO, SO2, methane, and dust.


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