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ACDISC: Atmospheric Composition Data & Information Service Center

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Feb 01, 2016    Removal of OCO-2 V7 Lite datasets   

 GES DISC is phasing out the support for the "forward" processed OCO-2 Lite products, OCO2_L2_Lite_FP and OCO2_L2_Lite_SIF. Instead, only the "retrospective" processing, with letter "r" in the version (7r) will remain. The  calibration in the retrospective processing  is estimated from the full time series (before, during, and after the measurements), which results in higher quality retrievals. Also, the leading edge of the retrospective data set is progressing well, with about 30-day latency. Hence, in an effort to disambiguate the better quality data, only version 7r of these two Lite products will remain visible. 

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jul 24, 2015    Why do my Data Holdings look different?    

Accessing your data through the GES DISC web site may seem a little unfamiliar to you to these days, but we can assure you, your data is all still available. The location of the data in the online archive has not changed.

The GES DISC has implemented a new interactive interface to make finding data easier than ever. We've added features like searching by keywords, filtering by criteria such as measurements, processing level and spatial resolution, and sortable data columns so now you can fine tune your search results. To get you started we put together a Help document to introduce you to the new interface. If you have any questions about the new design please contact us using the Feedback link in the upper right-hand corner or contact the GES DISC Help Desk by sending email to

The Atmospheric Composition Data and Information Services Center (ACDISC) is a portal to the Atmospheric Composition (AC) specific, user driven, multi-sensor, on-line, easy access archive and distribution system employing data analysis and visualization, and other user requested techniques for the better usage of science data.

ACDISC provides convenient access to AC data and information from various remote-sensing missions, from heritage TOMS, SBUV, SSBUV and  UARS datasets, to the most recent data from Aqua AIRS, Aura OMI, MLS, HIRDLS as well as AC datasets residing at other remote archive sites.

In addition to the daily atmospheric chemistry data from individual sensors, ACDISC also provides multi-sensors based merged datasets for some atmospheric parameters, selected under the NASA MEaSUREs project, to study the long-term changes in the atmospheric composition.

Most recently, ACDISC at GES DISC has been assigned to archive and distribute CO2 data produced by the Atmospheric CO2 Observations from Space (ACOS) Task, using radiances from the TANSO-FTS sensor  flown on Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite "IBUKI" (GOSAT).  


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