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TOMS Mission Preservation Documents

In an effort to more readily distributed documentation related to the legacy Earth Probe/TOMS mission, we are making available a listing of all publicly accessible documents with URL links to the actual documents. The documents have been organized according to the NASA Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification (423-SPEC-001). Please refer to this document for the overall preservation guidelines and policies of the ESDIS supported missions. If you have a problem retrieving any of the documents listed here, please send an e- mail to our Help Desk ( with the name of the document and any information describing the problem you encountered.

1. Preflight Pre-Operations Calibration

1.1 Instrument Description

1. Instrument_Requirements

2. Major_Program_Reviews

3. Post_Launch_Report

4. Other_Documents

  • Project Description for METEOR-3/TOMS (Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer) : ProjDescM3TOMS.pdf 

1.2 Preflight Calibration

2. Science Data Product 

3. Science Data Product Documentation

3.2 Product Requirements and Designs

3.3 Processing Algorithm /Version History 

  • Nimbus-7 total Ozone Algorithm, 1983, Proceedings, 5th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, American Meteorological Society, Baltimore, MD: eptoms_prog_guide.doc
  • 1982, Total Ozone Determination From the Backscattered Ultraviolet (BUV) Experiment, J. Appl. Meteorol., 21, 1672 -1684.: Klenk_et_al_total_ozone_determination_BUV.pdf

3.4 Product Applications

  • 1992, “Global Tracking of the SO2 Clouds From the June 1991 Mount Pinatubo Eruptions,” Geophys.Res. Lett., 19, 151–154.: Bluth_Pinatubo1991_GRL91GL02792.pdf
  • 2002, An assessment of long-term ozone trend uncertainties using Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometers (TOMS), Int. J. Remote Sensing, 24, 329-338: Jaross_etal.pdf
  • 1993, Ice Radiance Method for Backscatter UV Instrument Monitoring, in Atmospheric Ozone, edited by T. Henriksen, 94 -101, D. Reidel, Norwell, Mass.: Jaross_Krueger_ice_radiance_method.pdf
  • Uncertainties in Radiance Calibrations of Backscatter Ultraviolet (BUV) Instruments as Determined from Comparisons of BRDF Measurements and Integrating Sphere Calibrations, Metrologia, 32, 637-641.: Jaz_etal_1995_0026-1394_32_6_48.pdf
  • 1998, Satellite Estimation of Spectral Surface UV Irradiance in the Presence of Tropospheric Aerosols 1: Cloud-Free Case, J.Geophys. Res., In press.: Krotkov_etal_satellite_estimation.pdf

4. Mission Calibration/References

6. Science Data Product Algorithm Inputs

  • 1983, Standard Ozone Profiles From Balloon and Satellite Data Sets, J.Climate Appl. Meteorol., 22, 2012 -2022.: Klenk_etal_1983.pdf

7. Science Data Product Validation

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