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Giovanni is a Web-based application developed by the GES DISC that provides a simple and intuitive way to visualize, analyze, and access vast amounts of Earth science remote sensing data without having to download the data.

Atmospheric Instances table lists some atmospheric parameters that are made availalble for data exploration. More parameters will be added in the furture.


GES DISC provides a web-based On-the-fly system (OTF) allowing to download data spatial, parameter and channel subsets. The service is available for selected products via the GES DISC Mirador interface.

  • OMI Level 2, Level 2G and Level 3 Spatial and Parameter Subsetting
  • MLS Level 2 Spatial Subsetting
  • HIRDLS Level 2 Spatial Subsetting
  • AIRS Parameter or Channel Subsetting


GES DISC provides OPeNDAP service for Aura/OMI Level 2G and Level 3, Aura/MLS Level 2, Aura/HIRDLS Level 2, Aqua/AIRS Level 3 and Earth Probe, Nimbus-7 and Meteor-3 TOMS Level 3 data.


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) is an interface that allows the use of data and enables clients to build customized maps with data coming from a different network. Currently GES DISC provides WMS service for AIRS and OMI Level 3 data.



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