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Starting August 1st, 2016, access to GES DISC data requires all users to be registered with the Earthdata Login system. Data continues to be free of charge and accessible via HTTP. Access to data via FTP will no longer be available on or after October 3rd, 2016. Detailed instructions on how to register and receive authorization to access GES DISC data are provided here.


Social Media

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To speak with our Help Desk between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, US EST/EDT, please call 301-614-5224. For fax at any time, dial 301-614-5268.


Postal Address

Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Systems
Attn: User Services
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 610.2
Greenbelt, MD 20771 USA


Sending an email message to the GES DISC Help Desk for assistance

Send us an email at BUT before you do, please include as much of the information listed below in your message, if possible. Note that this information is not required -- providing it enhances our ability to assist you, and may reduce the time required to resolve your query:
    • Your Earthdata login userid
    • The specific URL (Web address) for the page or data set you were attempting to access
    • The date and time you accessed our site
    • Your computer IP address (if you do not know your IP address, use to get it)
    • The general type of research you are conducting
    • The name of the data product, data set, or data variable you were searching for
    • The access method you are using (browser, wget)
      • If browser, the web browser and is it configured to accept cookies
      • If wget, the wget version ('wget -V')
      • if curl, the curl version ('curl -V')

    • The platform you are using (mac, PC, linux) and operating system and the current version name and number
    • The application you were using (Simple Subset Wizard, WMS, OPeNDAP, etc.)
    • Any significant error messages seen in your session


Giovanni Users!

If you encounter an error message, or have a question about something created with Giovanni, click the "Feedback" button. This will create an Error Report email message for the Help Desk capturing information on your current Giovanni session, which will assist the Giovanni staff in addressing your question. You may include additional information, such as that described above, to further assist us.

Why is this information useful?

  • Including the date/time you tried to access our site enables us to identify messages in our system logs related to the issue, which will aid in resolving it.
  • Including your IP address also helps us to identify your interaction with the site, and may indicate if there is problem with your access to our site.
  • Including the Web browser you were using, along with the application, data products, and computer operating system, allows us to better simulate what you were attempting to do.
  • Knowing your general area of research may allow us to advise you on other data products or analysis methods that may be useful to you.


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