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TRMM Mission Preservation Documents

In an effort to more readily distribute documentation related to the TRMM mission, we are making available a listing of all publicly accessible documents with URL links to the actual documents. The documents have been organized according to the NASA Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification (423-SPEC-001). Please refer to this document for the overall preservation guidelines and policies of the ESDIS supported missions. If you have a problem retrieving any of the documents listed here, please send an e- mail to our Help Desk ( with the name of the document and any information describing the problem you encountered.

3.2 Science Data Products

3.2.2 Metadata

3.3 Science Data Product Documentation

3.3.2 Product Requirements and Designs

3.3.3 Processing and Algorithm Version History

3.3.4 Product Generation Algorithms

3.3.5 Product Quality

3.3.6 Product Application

3.5 Science Data Product Software

3.7 Science Data Product Validation

3.8 Science Data Software Tools

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