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The solar irradiance data products may be accessed via the different methods described below. Please see the "Software Tools" link on the menu bar for ways to read the data files.

The SORCE and TCTE data granules are in ASCII tables (ending in .txt) which can be easily read into spreadsheet applications, and each has an accompanying metadata file in XML format (naming convention is <data file>.xml). UARS SUSIM and SOLSTICE data are in a binary format.

Getting Data

The following methods are available for getting solar irradiance and other data products. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Use keywords to find data quickly in a Google-like interface from the GES DISC archive.
Reverb is a client for searching and ordering Earth science data from various NASA and affiliated centers.


FTP Command Line Access

For ftp command line users you must run ftp in passive mode, and login as anoymous:

  $ ftp -p
  ftp> user anonymous
  Password: <your e-mail address>
  ftp> cd /data/s4pa/

Under each directory you'll find data grouped by mission and processing  level (SORCE, TCTE, UARS, etc.), and below this are data product directories. There are additional sub-directories by year which contain a pair of files, the data file, plus an accompanying metadata file in XML format.


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