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OCO-2 V7


Data Holdings


  • Known data Issues
  • The v7 is a forward processing data stream, and the calibration terms (gain coefficients, temperature dependence, dark subtraction) are estimated from past data. In the reprocessing collection (V7r), the calibration data is estimated from the full timeseries of data (before, during, and after the measurements), and is expected to be of slightly higher quality.
  • OCO-2 filenames contain a "ShortBuildID" string indicating the system version which generated the product. Examples are "B7000" and "B7200". Users should be aware that only the leftmost digit is indicative of science algorithm updates. The other digits only indicate changes to the underlying data system. All "B7..." products can be treated the same for science purposes.


Level 0 and Level 1

Product                      Version
Long Name Level


 OCO2_Att                          7    7r  OCO-2 spacecraft attitude data  0  7    7r
 OCO2_Eph                       7    7r  OCO-2 spacecraft ephemerides  0  7    7r
 OCO2_L1aIn_Sample   7    7r  Collated, parsed, OCO-2 Science or Calibration Data  1A  7    7r
 OCO2_L1aIn_Pixel         7    7r  Collated, parsed, OCO-2 Calibration Data  1A  7    7r
 OCO2_L1B_Calibration 7    7r  Calibrated, geolocated OCO-2 calibration spectra  1B  7    7r
OCO2_L1B_Science        7   7r Calibrated, geolocated OCO-2 science spectra 1B 7    7r


Level 2

 OCO2_L2_Standard         7r OCO-2 Level2 geolocated XCO2 retrievals results, physical model   2  7   7r
 OCO2_L2_IMAPDOAS    7   7r  OCO-2 Level 2 spatially ordered geolocated retrievals of and fluorescence using the IMAP-DOAS algorithm 2  7   7r
 OCO2_L2_Diagnostic    7   7r OCO-2 Level 2 geolocated XCO2 retrieval results and algorithm diagnostic information  2 7   7r
OCO2_L2_Lite_FP            7r OCO-2 Level 2 full physics retrievals of bias-corrected XCO2 and other select fields aggregated as daily files
2   7r
OCO2_L2_Lite_SIF          7r OCO-2 Level 2 bias-corrected solar-induced fluorescence and other select fields from the IMAP-DOAS algorithm aggregated as daily files 2  7r


A mailing list is established for everyone interested in updates on a monthly basis. We will notify users if there is new documentation, important announcements about the dataset, etc. We encourage everyone who downloads OCO-2 data to sign up to the oco2_updates email list. To subscribe, send an email to sympa at with the subject:
subscribe oco2_updates


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