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warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Sep 28, 2016    OMI NO2 Reprocessed Data (Version 3.0) released   

The NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC), in partnership with members of the Aura/Ozone Measuring Instrument (OMI) science team, announce the availability of the full data set of the reprocessed OMNO2 Standard Product, which indicates atmospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations. OMNO2 data are available as Level 2 (orbital swath) data.  The OMNO2G data product is a special Level 2 data product where the pixel level data are binned into 0.25o x 0.25o  global grids without averaging. OMNO2d data are Level 3 data products created with pixel level data of good quality, binned and "averaged" into 0.25o x 0.25o degree global grids.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jul 24, 2015    Why do my Data Holdings look different?    

Accessing your data through the GES DISC web site may seem a little unfamiliar to you to these days, but we can assure you, your data is all still available. The location of the data in the online archive has not changed.

The GES DISC has implemented a new interactive interface to make finding data easier than ever. We've added features like searching by keywords, filtering by criteria such as measurements, processing level and spatial resolution, and sortable data columns so now you can fine tune your search results. To get you started we put together a Help document to introduce you to the new interface. If you have any questions about the new design please contact us using the Feedback link in the upper right-hand corner or contact the GES DISC Help Desk by sending email to

Note: Before using OMI data, Please read the Information related to Current OMI Anomaly

 June 7, 2013:

Please be advised that OMI daily data for May 9 and 10, 2013 might have been affected by the Solar Eclipse. These  data will be reprocessed soon.

April 15, 2013: Global gridded Level-3 product 'OMAERUVd' has been reprocessed for dates July 30, 2012 to April 6, 2013. Users who downloaded OMAERUVd  data through Mirador before April 15, 2013 using netCDF or OPeNDAP should be aware that the latitude values were inverted. Please make sure you flip the latitude values to get the correct orientation, or replace the data.with new reprocessed files with corrected metadata.

April 3, 2013: To all OMI data users: Please make note, almost all OMI Level-2 and Level 3 products have been reprocessed in last six months.

README Files:  Users are advised to read data quality and data validation documents available for each OMI data product from the GES DISC sites. Brief details of the OMI instrument and pixel sizes are available in the OMI Data User's Guide.

For the dates, for which there are no data available either because of different measurement configurations or sensor problems, please see the Data Outage Table.


OMI Level 2, Level 2G, Level-3 and Climatology Products

Short Name & Data Access 
Product Description
Level 2 Level 2G Level 3
OMAERUV OMAERUVG OMAERUVd OMI Aerosol Optical Depth and Single Scattering Albedo (Near-UV Algorithm) 
OMAERO OMAEROG OMAEROe OMI Aerosol Optical Depth and Single Scattering Albedo (Multi-Wavelengths Algorithm )
OMAEROZ      OMI Aerosol Optical Depth and Single Scattering Albedo, (Multi-Wavelengths Algorithm), Zoomed
OMCLDO2 OMCLDO2G   OMI Cloud Pressure and Fraction (O2-O2 Absorption Algorithm)
OMCLDO2Z     OMI Cloud Pressure and Fraction (O2-O2 Absorption Algorithm), Zoomed
OMCLDRR OMCLDRRG   OMI Cloud Pressure and Fraction (Raman Scattering Algorithm)
OMMYDCLD     OMI/Aura and MODIS/Aqua Merged Cloud Product
OMNO2 OMNO2G OMNO2d OMI Nitrogen Dioxide, Total and Tropospheric Columns

OMSO2 OMSO2G OMSO2e OMI Total Column Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)



OMI Total Column Ozone & Aerosol Index, (TOMS-Like Algorithm)
OMDOAO3 OMDOAO3G OMDOAO3e OMI Total Column Ozone (DOAS Technique)
OMDOAO3Z     OMI Total Column Ozone (DOAS Technique),  Zoomed

Ozone Profile
OMO3PR     OMI Ozone Profile
OMHCHO OMHCHOG   OMI Formaldehyde (HCHO) Total Column
OMI Bromine Monoxide (BrO) Total Column
OMI Chlorine Dioxide (OClO) Slant Column

Surface UVB Irradiances
OMUVB OMUVBG OMUVBd OMI Surface UVB Irradiance & Erythemal Dose

Surface Reflectance Climatology
    OMLER OMI Surface Reflectance Climatology (Global 0.5x0.5 deg Grid)

Pixel Corner Information
OMPIXCOR     OMI Ground Pixel Corner Coordinates and Pixel Sizes
OMPIXCORZ     OMI Zoom-in mode Ground Pixel Corner Coordinates and Pixel Sizes

OMI Level 1B Products

Orbital Swath Pixels (UV1, 13x48 km; UV2 & VIS, 13x24 km; Zoom, 13x12 km )

Short Name & Data Access

OML1BRUG OMI Geolocated Earth Radiances for 716 UV Channels (264-383 nm)
(159 UV1 channels in 264 - 311 nm, 13x48 km spatial resolution ;
557 UV2 channels in 307-383 nm, 13x24 km spatial resolution)
OML1BRUZ OMI Zoom-in Geolocated Earth Radiances for 716 UV Channels (264 - 383 nm),
13x12 km spatial resolution
OML1BRVG OMI Geolocated Earth Radiances for 751 Visible Channels (349 - 504 nm)
13x24 km spatial resolution
OML1BRVZ OMI Zoom-in Geolocated Earth Radiances for 751 Vis Channels (349 - 504 nm),
13x12 km spatial resolution
OML1BIRR OMI Solar Irradiances for 716 UV and 751 Visible Channels (264 - 504 nm). This product also provides Zoom-in Solar Irradiances (once a month).


Important Information related to Current OMI Row Anomalies  

Row Anomalies

Several row anomalies have occurred in the recent past. These anomalies affect the quality of the Level 1B and Level 2 data products. Please read this information carefully prior to using OMI data. Please respect the dates mentioned as the anomalies have occurred recently.

  • Anomaly 1: Since June 25th, 2007, cross-track scenes 53-54 (0-based).
  • Anomaly 2: Since May 11th, 2008, cross-track scenes 37-44 (0-based)
  • Anomaly 3: Since January 24th, 2009, cross-track scenes 27-44 (0-based).
  • Anomaly 4: Since July 5th, 2011, cross-track scenes 42-45 (0-based)
  • Anomaly 5: Since Aug, 2011, cross-track scenes 41-45 (0-based) 
  •  Most Current Status           

    KNMI have set up a row anomaly RSS feed where  updates to anomaly  flagging are posted. You can subscribe to the row anomaly feed via the link. An archive of the messages is here.

Row Anomaly Behavior

Since “anomaly 3” the row anomaly exhibits a more dynamic behavior than before. Which rows are affected and to what extent varies with time. Please visit the “Overview” section of our detailed technical information page for the most up to date information and details.

Row Anomaly Corrections

The anomalies are known to the OMI team and are currently under investigation to examine whether corrections for the effects can be implemented in the Level 1b data. Please visit this information page regularly for updates on the status of corrections implemented and visit our detailed technical information page.

Row Anomaly Flagging

The Level 1B data are partially flagged for the anomalies listed above. We expect to provide appropriate flagging for the anomalies in the near future. Please visit our detailed technical information page for details on the current flagging status of the Level 1B and Level 2 products.

Recommendations To Users

At the moment no corrections have been implemented in the operational Level 1B and Level 2 data. It is recommended not to use the affected cross-track scenes. Please respect the dates mentioned above. All other OMI data, meaning other cross track scenes and earlier observations, is of optimal quality. Level-3 products are being produced after filtering for the cross track scenes mentioned per anomaly.


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