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Aura OMI NO2 Level 3 Global (0.25 deg Grids) Data Product-OMNO2e Version 003


The Level-3 OMI NO2 product "OMNO2e"  based on old Level-2 NO2 data, is not available any more from the GES DISC. Science team  has  released a new global gridded level3  NO2 data product ( OMNO2d ), which is based on revised NO2 algorithm.  

In the past, only one Level-3 OMI NO2 product, OMNO2e, was released which contained the "average" value of all Level-2 "Good" pixels in each 0.25x0.25 deg global Level-3 grid. Recently (Jan 10, 2013) OMNO2e product has been replaced by new Level-3 product "OMNO2d" which is based on revised NO2 algorithm.The old OMNO2e data is no longer distributed from GES DISC. In the future, in addition to OMNO2d data, new OMNO2e data product will be produced which will have only one "best" observation selected from the good quality pixels that occupy the 0.25x0.25 deg grid.


Data Access 

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Tropospheric Column Density of Nitrogen Dioxide

Year 2011

OMI Tropospheric NO2



  (P.I: Nickolay Krotkov, USA ; Pepijn Veefkind, KNMI)



Platform: EOS-Aura    

  Instrument: OMI

Level-3 OMI NO2 Cloud-Screened Total and Tropospheric Column NO2 (V003)

Data Set Short Name
: OMNO2e

Data Set Long Name:OMI/Aura NO2 Cloud-Screened Total and Tropospheric Column Daily L3 Global 0.25deg Lat/Lon Grid (V003)

OMI Data Documents

-Readme for OMNO2e will be made available at the time of data release 


-Data Read Software & Tools

- Giovanni: Data Exploration Interface

-OMI Data User's Guide


OMI Algorithm Documents
-ReadMe and Data Quality Information and Release Specific Information for the OMNO2, the product that will be used in creating Level-3 product

-Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document

Other Related Documents:
-OMNO2e data document for Global Change Master Directory

- HDF-EOS Aura File Format Guidelines

Other Links :
-EOS-Aura OMI Page
-OMI Home Page (KNMI-Netherland)
-Aura Validation Data Center (AVDC)





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