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Aura OMI NO2 Data Product-OMNO2 (Version-3)

 The full set of Reprocessed Level-2 OMNO2 product  is now available from GES DISC 
 (Release Date: July17, 2012)


Data Access 

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OMI Tropospheric NO2, 2011

  PI:  Nickolay Krotkov, NASA &

  Pepijn Veefkind, KNMI


         Data Version and Data Holdings

ProcessingVersionBegin DateEnd Date
Forward003Oct 1, 2004Current


Production Frequency: 14 files/day
Granule (File) Coverage: one orbit
File Size:: ~35 MB



  Instrument: OMI

Level-2 OMI Nitrogen Dioxide- OMNO2

Data Set Short Name

Data Set Long Name: OMI/Aura Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)Total & Tropospheric Column1-orbit L2 Swath 13x24 km (Version 3)

OMI NO2 Documents 
- Readme for  OMNO2 Product

- OMNO2 Data Format

-Data Read Software & Tools

- Giovanni: Data Exploration Interface 

OMI Algorithm Documents
 - Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document

Other Related Documents:

-- OMI Data User's Guide

-OMNO2 Document for Global Change Master Directory 
  -HDF-EOS Aura File Format Guidelines


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-OMI Home Page (KNMI-Netherland)
-Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics Page

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