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ANNOUNCEMENT: MLS V4 Released to Public Feb. 19, 2015!

MLS v2/3 data processing will continue until March 31 2015, which will be the last data day for these versions.

Note that v2 will remain available through May 31, 2015, but will then be removed.

It is essential that MLS data users understand and apply the quality and status indicators contained in the files. Please download and read the appropriate MLS data quality document that describes these quantities and also gives expected precision, resolution, and known artifacts. Users are encouraged to register with the MLS science team at the Data User Registration web page to obtain updates and information about the MLS data products.


Level 2 Standard Atmospheric Products
ShortName & Data Access Description
v4.2 v3.4 / v3.3 v2.3 / v2.2
ML2BRO.004 ML2BRO.003 ML2BRO.002 MLS/Aura L2 Bromine Monoxide (BrO) Mixing Ratio
ML2CH3CL.004 ML2CH3CL.003
MLS/Aura L2 Methyl Chloride (CH3Cl) Mixing Ratio
ML2CH3CN.004 ML2CH3CN.003 ML2CH3CN.002 MLS/Aura L2 Methyl Cyanide (CH3CN) Mixing Ratio
ML2CH3OH.004     MLS/Aura L2 Methanol (CH3OH) Mixing Ratio
ML2CLO.004 ML2CLO.003 ML2CLO.002 MLS/Aura L2 Chlorine Monoxide (ClO) Mixing Ratio
ML2CO.004 ML2CO.003 ML2CO.002 MLS/Aura L2 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Mixing Ratio
ML2GPH.004 ML2GPH.003 ML2GPH.002 MLS/Aura L2 Geopotential Height
ML2H2O.004 ML2H2O.003 ML2H2O.002 MLS/Aura L2 Water Vapor (H2O) Mixing Ratio
ML2HCL.004 ML2HCL.003 ML2HCL.002 MLS/Aura L2 Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Mixing Ratio
ML2HCN.004 ML2HCN.003 ML2HCN.002 MLS/Aura L2 Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Mixing Ratio
ML2HNO3.004 ML2HNO3.003 ML2HNO3.002 MLS/Aura L2 Nitric Acid (HNO3) Mixing Ratio
ML2HO2.004 ML2HO2.003 ML2HO2.002 MLS/Aura L2 Hydroperoxy (HO2) Mixing Ratio
ML2HOCL.004 ML2HOCL.003 ML2HOCL.002 MLS/Aura L2 Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Mixing Ratio
ML2IWC.004 ML2IWC.003 ML2IWC.002 MLS/Aura L2 Cloud Ice Product
ML2N2O.004 ML2N2O.003 ML2N2O.002 MLS/Aura L2 Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Mixing Ratio
ML2O3.004 ML2O3.003 ML2O3.002 MLS/Aura L2 Ozone (O3) Mixing Ratio
ML2OH.004 ML2OH.003 ML2OH.002 MLS/Aura L2 Hydroxyl (OH) Mixing Ratio
ML2RHI.004 ML2RHI.003 ML2RHI.002 MLS/Aura L2 Relative Humidity With Respect To Ice
ML2SO2.004 ML2SO2.003 ML2SO2.002 MLS/Aura L2 Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Mixing Ratio
ML2T.004 ML2T.003 ML2T.002 MLS/Aura L2 Temperature


Level 2 Near-Real-Time Products (7 most recent days)
[NOTE: v2.2 NRT was discontinued Jan. 7, 2013]

User Registration Required

ShortName & Data Access Description
ML2O3_NRT.003 MLS/Aura Near-Real-Time L2 Ozone (O3) Mixing Ratio
ML2T_NRT.003 MLS/Aura Near-Real-Time L2 Temperature
ML2HNO3_NRT.003 MLS/Aura Near-Real-Time L2 Nitric Acid (HNO3) Mixing Ratio
ML2CO_NRT.003 MLS/Aura Near-Real-Time L2 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Mixing Ratio
ML2N2O_NRT.003 MLS/Aura Near-Real-Time L2 Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Mixing Ratio
ML2SO2_NRT.003 MLS/Aura Near-Real-Time L2 Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Mixing Ratio
ML2H2O_NRT.003 MLS/Aura Near-Real-Time L2 Water Vapor (H2O) Mixing Ratio


Level 2 Atmospheric Diagnostics Products
Contact MLS Science Team Before Using These Data
Short Name & Data Access Description
v4.2 v3.4 / v3.3 v2.3 / v2.2
ML2DGG.004 ML2DGG.003 ML2DGG.002 MLS/Aura L2 Diagnostics, Geophysical Parameter Grid
ML2DGM.004 ML2DGM.003 ML2DGM.002 MLS/Aura L2 Diagnostics, Miscellaneous Grid


Level 1 Radiance Products
Short Name & Data Access Description
v4.2 v3.4 / v3.3 v2.3 / v2.2
ML1OA.004 ML1OA.003 ML1OA.002 MLS/Aura L1 Orbit/Attitude and Tangent Point Geolocation Data
ML1RADD.004 ML1RADD.003 ML1RADD.002 MLS/Aura L1 Radiances from Digital Autocorrelators
ML1RADG.004 ML1RADG.003 ML1RADG.002 MLS/Aura L1 Radiances from Filter Banks for GHz
ML1RADT.004 ML1RADT.003 ML1RADT.002 MLS/Aura L1 Radiances from Filter Banks for THz


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