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Aura HIRDLS and MLS Level-3 Data Product - HIRMLS3IWC (Version 001)

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John Gille, UCAR/NCAR, US
Lesley J Gray, Oxford, UK

Nathaniel Livesey

Data Version and Data Holding

Version Begin Date End Date Processing
001 Feb. 1, 2005 Dec. 31, 2007 Complete

Production Frequency: 1 file/product
Temporal Resolution: monthly
  Spatial Coverage: near-global (-80° to +90°)
File Size: ~ 2.3 MB




Instrument: HIRDLS and MLS

Data Set Short Name: HIRMLS3IWC

Data Set Long Name: HIRDLS-MLS/Aura Level 3 Ice Water Content


Version ID: 001

HIRDLS Documents
- Joint HIRDLS - MLS V001 Ice Water Content Document
- HIRDLS Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents


MLS Documents
- MLS Level 2 Data Quality and Description Document
- MLS Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents

Other Related Documents:
- Global Change Master Directory DIF Document


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- EOS-Aura Page (GSFC-NASA)
- US HIRDLS Home Page (UCAR)
- UK HIRDLS Home Page (Oxford)
- MLS Home Page (JPL-NASA)
- Aura Validation Data Center (AVDC)

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