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Aura HIRDLS Level-2 Data Product-HIRDLS2 (Version 007)

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Please note the final release version 007 HIRDLS2 data files (based on V7.00.00 algorithm) contain retrievals of ozone (O3), nitric acid (HNO3), CFC-11 (CF2Cl2), CFC-12 (CFCl3), chlorine nitrate (ClONO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), water vapor (H2O), temperature, cloud top pressure, geopotential height (GPH), and aerosol extinction at 8.3 and 12.1 microns. Other species have fill values in the file.

Aura HIRDLS TemperatureHIRDLS Temperature

(21 Jan 2005)


P. I.

John Gille, UCAR/NCAR, US
Lesley J Gray, Oxford, UK

Data Version and Data Holdings

Processing Version Begin Date End Date
Forward 007 Jan 22 , 2005 Mar 17, 2008

Production Frequency: 1 file/day
Temporal Resolution: Daily
  Spatial Coverage: near-global (-64° to +80°)
File Size (Avg.): ~ 47 MB




Data Set Short Name

Data Set Long Name: HIRDLS/Aura Level 2 Geophysical Parameters

Version ID: 007

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