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MLS Mission Preservation Documents

In an effort to more readily distribute documentation related to the Aura/MLS mission, we are making available a listing of all publicly accessible documents with URL links to the actual documents. The documents have been organized according to the NASA Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification (423-SPEC-001). Please refer to this document for the overall preservation guidelines and policies of the ESDIS supported missions. If you have a problem retrieving any of the documents listed here, please send an e- mail to our Help Desk ( with the name of the document and any information describing the problem you encountered.

1. Preflight Calibration

1.1 Instrument_Description

1.2 Preflight Pre-operational Calibration Data

3. Data Product Documentation

3.3 Processing and Algorithm Version History

3.4 Product Generation Algorithms

3.5 Product Quality

    7. Science Data Product Validation


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