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/* Structure holds an entire granule of airs_cc_rad */
typedef struct {

/* Attributes */
char processing_level[256];
char instrument[256];
char DayNightFlag[256];
char AutomaticQAFlag[256];
long NumTotalData;
long NumProcessData;
long NumSpecialData;
long NumBadData;
long NumMissingData;
long NumLandSurface;
long NumOceanSurface;
char node_type[256];
long start_year;
long start_month;
long start_day;
long start_hour;
long start_minute;
float start_sec;
long start_orbit;
long end_orbit;
long orbit_path;
long start_orbit_row;
long end_orbit_row;
long granule_number;
long num_scansets;
long num_scanlines;
double start_Latitude;
double start_Longitude;
double start_Time;
double end_Latitude;
double end_Longitude;
double end_Time;
float eq_x_longitude;
double eq_x_tai;
unsigned long orbitgeoqa;
short num_satgeoqa;
short num_glintgeoqa;
short num_moongeoqa;
short num_ftptgeoqa;
short num_zengeoqa;
short num_demgeoqa;
short num_fpe;
short LonGranuleCen;
short LatGranuleCen;
short LocTimeGranuleCen;
unsigned char CalGranSummary;
short DCR_scan;
char granules_present_L1B[256];

/* Geolocation fields */

/* Data Fields */
unsigned short RetQAFlag[45][30];
unsigned short Qual_CC_Rad[45][30];
float radiances[45][30][2378];
float radiance_err[45][30][2378];
float CldClearParam[45][30][3][3];
float nominal_freq[2378];
float scanang[45][30];
float satheight[45];
float satroll[45];
float satpitch[45];
float satyaw[45];
unsigned long satgeoqa[45];
unsigned short glintgeoqa[45];
unsigned short moongeoqa[45];
unsigned long ftptgeoqa[45][30];
unsigned short zengeoqa[45][30];
unsigned short demgeoqa[45][30];
double nadirTAI[45];
double sat_lat[45];
double sat_lon[45];
signed char scan_node_type[45];
float satzen[45][30];
float satazi[45][30];
float solzen[45][30];
float solazi[45][30];
float glintlat[45];
float glintlon[45];
short sun_glint_distance[45][30];
float topog[45][30];
float topog_err[45][30];
float landFrac[45][30];
float landFrac_err[45][30];
unsigned char CalFlag[45][2378];
unsigned char CalScanSummary[45];
unsigned char CalChanSummary[2378];
unsigned char ExcludedChans[2378];
float NeN_L1B[2378];
short dust_flag[45][30];
float CC_noise_eff_amp_factor[45][30];
float CCfinal_Resid[45][30];
signed char invalid[45][30];
signed char all_spots_avg[45][30];
signed char MW_ret_used[45][30];
signed char bad_clouds[45][30];
signed char retrieval_type[45][30];
signed char Startup[45][30];
} airs_cc_rad_gran_t;

/* proptotype for reader function */
extern void airs_cc_rad_rdr(char * file_name, airs_cc_rad_gran_t * airs_cc_rad_gran );

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