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Documentation Package for Version 4.0 Data Release

Page Contents:


User Guide
Document Filename
V4.0_Data_Release_UG.pdf AIRS/AMSU/HSB Version 4.0 data release user guide.
V4.0_Release_ProcFileDesc.pdf Complete description of contents of released products.
AIRS_L2_levels_and_layers.pdf Explanation of AIRS Levels and Layers.
V4.0_L3_QuickStart.pdf Getting started with AIRS Level 3 Grid products.


Quality Assurance (QA) Documentation
Document Filename
V4.0_RetQAFlag.pdf V4.0_Primary Flag for Data Selection.
Selected_AIRS_QA_Fields.pdf AIRS Radiance QA Fields controlled by Calibration.
V4.0_L1B_QA_Quick_Start.pdf Hierarchy of L1B Quality Assurance Parameters.
V4.0_L2_QualFlag_QuickStart Hierarchy of L2 Quality Flags for More Sophisticated Data Selection.


Data Product Readers
Document Filename
FORTRAN/ C reader and Guide Document FORTRAN and C programs to read L1B and L2 product files. Requires channel property files. IDL procedure to read L1B and L2 product files IDL procedure to read L3 product files
read_L12_swath_file.m MATLAB module to read L1B and L2 product files
read_L3_grid_file.m MATLAB module to read L3 product files


Calibration and Validation
Document Filename
V4.0_Validation_Reort.pdf Validation of AIRS/AMSU/HSB core products for data release version 4.0.
V4_CalVal_Status_Summary.pdf A summary of the current status of calibration and validation of Algorithm Version 4 products.
MW_L1B_Assessment .pdf Assessment of AMSU/HSB L1B Radiances.
VisInitialCheckout.pdf Report on initial Vis/NIR on-orbit checkout (6/12/2002).
VisGainCalibration.pdf Report on vicarious calibration for Vis/NIR (9/27/2002).
L2.chan_prop.2002.08.30.v6.8.1.txt L2 IR channel properties file version 6.8.1 effective 2002-AUG-30 to 2002-SEP-17.


L2 IR channel properties file version 6.8.1 effective 2002-SEP-17 to 2002-OCT-22.
L2.chan_prop.2002.10.22.v6.8.1.txt L2 IR channel properties file version 6.8.1 effective 2002-OCT-22 to 2003-JAN-10.
L2.chan_prop.2003.01.10.v6.8.1.txt L2 IR channel properties file version 6.8.1 effective 2003-JAN-10 to 2003-NOV-19.
L2.chan_prop.2003.11.19.v6.8.1.txt L2 IR channel properties file version 6.8.1 effective 2003-NOV-19 to present.


Other Supporting Documentation
Document Filename
Level 2, V4,  ATBD Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for Standard Retrieval, Level 2
V4.0_Data_Disclaimer.pdf Important AIRS/AMSU/HSB Version 4.0 Disclaimer.
L1B_req_v2.3.pdf AIRS Level-1B visible, IR and telemetry algorithm and AQ processing requirements.
l1bqa_changes.pdf Changes to the AIRS Level-1B algorithms and QA parameters.
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