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Documentation Package for Version 2.7 Data Release

Page Contents:


User Guide
Document Filename
V2.7_L1B_Data_Release.pdf AIRS Version 2.7 L1B data release documentation.
V2.7_Release_ProcFileDesc.pdf Description of dimensions, geolocation fields, attributes, full swath data fields and more.


Quality Assurance (QA) Documentation
Document Filename
QA_Quick_Start.pdf A guide to the most basic quality assurance (QA) parameters that a novice user of AIRS/AMSU/HSB data should access to judge the data quality.


Data Product Readers
Document Filename
Description AIRS IR Level1B data reader in IDL. AIRS Vis/NIR Level1B data reader in IDL. AMSU Level1B data reader in IDL. HSB Level1B data reader in IDL.


Calibration and Validation
Document Filename
VisInitialCheckout_.pdf An AIRS Design File Memo (ADF-579) providing an initial assessment of the on-orbit performance of the Vis/NIR system.
VisGainCalibration.pdf An AIRS Design File Memo (ADF-590-REVISED) providing the results of the first accurate determination of instrument gains of the Vis/NIR detectors on-orbit via vicarious calibration in conjunction with the MISR-Terra Calibration Team operations at Railroad Valley Playa, Nevada.
First_Radiometric_Val.pdf Paper: "First Radiometric Validation of AIRS on the EOS using the 20 July 2002 Focus Day Data" by George Aumann and Larabee Strow.
AIRS_Boresight_Method.pdf Paper: "Verification of AIRS Boresight Accuracy Using Coastline Detection" by David Gregorich and George Aumann
Channel Properties Self documenting text files with the properties of the 2378 AIRS instrument detectors.


Other Supporting Documentation
Document Filename
L1B_req_v2.2.pdf Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) Level 1B Visible, Infrared and Telemetry Algorithms and Quality Assessment (QA) Processing Requirements.
l1bqa_changes.pdf A brief AIRS Design File Memo describing changes in AIRS L1B algorithms (e.g., AutomaticQAFlag, DC Restore, pop detection, Moon-in-view, offset, noise estimation and gain).
L1B_buoy.pdf Paper: "An Evaluation of the Accuracy of AIRS Radiances from Sea Surface Temperature Measurements" by Denise Hagan.


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