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Quality Criteria

Description of the parameters used for quality screening.

Quality Criteria


 The AIRS Level 2 Standard Product contains retrieved geophysical parameters each of which has associated quality parameters. Most AIRS quality parameters can have three possible values:



Quality = 0 : "BEST"
Data products individually meet science team recommended accuracy requirements for data assimilation and statistical climate studies. Note that relying solely on quality = 0 cases when generating monthly mean fields may result in significant sampling biases.
Quality = 1 : "GOOD"
Data may be used for statistical climate studies, as they meet the accuracy requirements only when temporally and/or spatially averaged.
Quality = 2 : "DO NOT USE"
While the AIRS Science Team does not recommend use of any quality = 2 data, they recognize that it may be the only data available in the vicinity of hurricanes and storm fronts. Users should carefully check the error estimates on the individual soundings and proceed with great caution if they contemplate making use of these data.


The temperature profile parameters TAirStd and TAirSup are similarly described as "Best," "Good," and "DO NOT USE," however, rather than using a quality parameter that is either 0, 1, or 2 the quality of the profile is described by the parameters PBest and PGood which give atmospheric pressures indicating the lowest level in the atmosphere for which the Temperature data are "Best" or "Good." See the "AIRS/AMSU/HSB Version 5 Level 2 Quality Control and Error Estimation" for a more detailed description of all of the quality control criteria.

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