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Announcement for the release of AIRS Version 5 Near-Real Time (NRT) Data

NRT data products are currently available for Level-1B and Level-2, and are specially useful for users whose primary interest is the low latency for data availability. While operational data are available within 3 days of observation, NRT data are usually available within 3 hours of observation. However, there is no commitment for a complete NRT data record. For example, if NRT data are delayed by more than 24 hours, they will not be processed.

Accuracy of Orbit (impacts geolocation of NRT products): Operational data production uses the rectified orbital parameters and satellite position that is accurate to better than 50 meters. NRT data production uses predicted orbital parameters, required to be accurate to 400 meters and generally accurate to 100 meters. Orbital prediction is slightly less accurate towards the end of the day UTC. Solar flares impact the accuracy of the orbit prediction. An evaluation of the predicted orbital ephemeris for the current day is available after 1600 UT at

Data Access Information

Operational Data Products:

Near-Real Time (NRT) Data Products:


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