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Ancillary documents referenced by the User's Guide

Document Description Revision Date
V3.0_L2_Data_Release_UG.pdf AIRS Version 3.0 Level 2 Data User's guide in PDF format. 08/11/2003
V3.0_RetQAFlag.pdf Description of Qality Assurance Flags. All Level2 AIRS/AMSU-A/HSB products include a full swath data field named RetQAFlag.  
V3.0_Data_Disclaimer.pdf User should read this before reporting problems with data or data availability.  
V3.0_Validation_Report.pdf The initial report covering the validation of the AIRS/AMSU/HSB products using ECMWF and NCEP reanalysis, operational buoys, operational radiosondes and AIRS-dedicated radiosondes and other dedicated observations that also defines "Provisional", "Beta" and "Validated" states for data are available in this document. 08/13/03
V3.0_Release_ProcFileDesc.pdf A complete description of the contents of the product files. June, 2003
L1B_req_v2.2.pdf This document contains the required inputs and outputs of the AIRS IR and VIS/NIR Level 1B processing software, algorithms for converting AIRS IR digital values to calibrated radiances, and QA algorithms and indicators. 02/14/03
l1bqa_changes.pdf Experience with on-orbit AIRS data prompted the AIRS Calibration Team to alter some AIRS L1B algorithms (e.g. AutomaticQAFlag, DC Restore, pop detection, Moon-in-view, offset, noise estimation and gain). A brief AIRS Design File Memo describing these changes are available. 02/04/03
VisInitialCheckout.pdf This AIRS Design File Memo (ADF-579) provides the initial assessment of the on-orbit performance of the VIS/NIR system. 02/04/2003
VisGainCalibration.pdf AIRS Design File Memo (ADF-590-REVISED) that provides the results of the first accurate determination of instrument gains of the VIS/NIR detectors on-orbit via vicarious calibration in conjunction with the MISR-Terra Calibration Team operations at Railroad Valley Playa, Nevada. 09/27/02
Clear_Flags.pdf Please note that the clear FOV detection algorithms are currently under development. There are several different clear detection algorithms being refined. They employ different algorithms depending upon their spatial resolution and spectral regime. Definitions of many of the clear flags and the thresholds that control them may be found in this document.  
AIRS_L2_levels_and_layers.pdf The document that discusses the finer points of AIRS products defined on levels, layers, TOA and surface.  
Data_Disclaimer.pdf It provides information which affects the availability of data for ordering (i.e., may be unavailable due to instrument outage or spacecraft maneuvering).  
QA_Quick_Start.pdf A guide to the most basic L1B AIRS/AMSU/HSB quality assurance (QA) parameters that a novice user of AIRS/AMSU/HSB data should access to judge its quality.  
Select_AIRS_QA_Fields.pdf A brief user guide for the selected L1B AIRS Radiance Product QA swath data fields.  
VisGainCalibration.pdf The Vis/NIR L1B radiances have been calibrated and validated by vicarious calibration, as described in this AIRS Design File memo ADF-590. 09/27/02
MW_L1B_Assessment.pdf Microwave instruments, AMSU-A and HSB instrument information. IDL reader for Level 2 Swath files. IDL reader for level1B AIRS radiance product and level2 cloud-cleared AIRS radiance product. IDL reader for level1B Vis/NearIR radiance product. IDL reader for level1B AMSU-A radiance product. IDL reader for HSB radiance product.  
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